Skugal : Selecting the Top Indian School ERP

COVID has ensured that Distance Learning has to become the new norm for all levels of education. The real possibility of infection means children must stay away from classrooms where their proximity to each other and to staff could set off fresh waves of infection.

Accordingly, schools need to be looking out for techniques of conducting distance learning through what we will call an Educational Resources Programme. It shares the acronym ERP with Enterprise Resource Planning but which is more general and not specific to education alone.

Systems such as SaaS (Software as a Service) that have become quite popular as tools in many other fields are definitely suitable for schools as well. SaaS is a part of cloud computing, where a vendor hosts the applications and data storage for schools that run their programme. This allows schools to hold Virtual Classrooms which may be attended by any number of students.

A SaaS Cloud based product is most likely to qualify as the Top Indian School ERP because.

The Cloud itself charges nothing. No capital expenditure is required for any installation of servers or data storage. This makes it highly affordable.

Ease of installation: A properly designed SaaS package is extremely easy to install, taking less than 30 minutes to get going.

By accepting Unlimited Notification, it becomes a data bank handling volumes of teaching content, myriads of records and exchanges; and allowing modification per convenience.

Additional desirable features that the package should have are:

  • Its capability of communication between parents and school
  • Ability to mark attendance, record it and raise flags for action
  • Ability to carry out online fee payment and fee management.
  • Ability to collate Results and convey and notify these
  • Special features such as a self-learning quiz section and chat capability
  • Tracking features such as for buses

Packages based on artificial intelligence can be better at providing school teachers with content that they need, when they need it and should be considered when looking for the top Indian School ERP. Finally, what helps is a demonstration to see whether the product conform to the claims of its vendor.


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