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Skugal Fee Managament Software

Another big issue that school faces is losing track of fee records of students and hence a lot of times, school doesn’t receive school fees of students for months or even years.

There is also no proper management of how fees is being collected of each class and to easily manage information on which class has to pay how much and which students have paid the fees and which students haven’t. Also, another major issue is that parents get annoyed by receiving the same broadcasted messages that remind them about fees payment of their child despite already having paid that, With Skugal ERP, the school can send fee payment reminder to only those parents whose fees are due.

cloud based

Fee Management features

There are various other features of fee management which are listed below


Send class-wise notification

You can send notifications to parents of a specific class to remind them about fees payment.


See student fees record

View complete and detailed fee record on every student like due fees, monthly, quarterly or annual fee collection record and more.


Manage fees of every student

You can edit the fees of students in detail by assigning registration, admission, annual, tuition, development, books and examination fees and more.


See fees history

You can select a period of time and view fees paid by all the parents during it


Edit class-wise fees collection

You can edit the amount of fees a particular class has to pay easily through the ERP dashboard.


Set transport fees

You can set transport pricing per kilometers or for each stop made in a route.


Skugal Fee management Features

School doesn’t have to worry about maintaining registers for fee management anymore because of Skugal. Skugal ERP is efficient, time-saving and its AI makes sure those who’ve paid school fees are not bothered by unnecessary notifications. Skugal provides accurate and efficient fee management. Skugal keeps a complete payment history of students and through Skugal, schools can easily figure out fees of which students are still pending without worrying about losing these records since Skugal is a cloud-based ERP .

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