Skugal Schedule

One of the best students time scheduling and planning software in order to save time and efforts while ensuring an effective time table.

What makes us stand out?

Providing a platform to maintain and manage your flow of activities for the day.

Effective Listing

Get your activities listed for your working hours and establish a well defined flow of work. Pre set a timetable for your classes and help the students understand the flow of course to be followed.

Notification Exams

With the help of a well defined timetable, remind yourself regularly of the activities that are to be performed beforehand. These reminders are sent through multiple notification modules.


Add in your activities and the system integrates the activity in your schedule without any clash. To update you with the coming up events the system send you regular reminders.

Goals definer

Now proceed your days with an established system that defines your goals and targets to be achieved over a period of time. These goals are distributed in smaller achievements.

Why Skugal ?

With tools provided by the entire interface makes eases and defines the Skugal efforts that are important for an educational institutions.

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