Multiple User Roles

A software that derives multiple functionalities of your educational institutions and assigning user role as per the role of the person in the organization.

Multi User Roles

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Now integrating professional culture and definite roles in your online school management software.


Defined Roles

While surfing through the edges of the interface, a user is allowed to go through the interface to the limit which is stated by their role in the organization.


Admin Control

The entire control from assigning the roles to alotting the resources is in the hands of the admin of the organization, therefore any breach is not possible.


Flow of Information

The establishment of heirarchy and chain of command it can be said that the admin controls the flow of informations through the roles assigned in the system.


Data Security

Since the user roles are pre defined the data assigned and folders allotted are specific to the activities performed undr that role, which enables data security midst the organization.

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