Why Skugal?

Schools are venturing new possibilities to keep pace with new-age developments and innovations and provide a better learning experience to the students. The success of this objective largely depends on the continuous and close monitoring of all their operations. This is almost impossible to achieve with manual handling of procedures, which arise the need for advanced school management systems. Skugal, an AI-enabled and cloud-based ERP school management system provides real-time data and facilitating seamless and effective decisions making for the schools helping in accurate and speedy processes. Skugal serves everyone involved in the academic process from administrators, teachers, students, support staff and parents to automate the processes up and running for everyone. Skugal School ERP comprises AI and VR enabled next-gen tools to run the School operation smoothly, efficiently and cost-effective too. Skugal brings a major transition in school management with a smart, intelligent and easy-to-use technology solution and revolutionizes the way schools are managed.

Some of the key advantages and features to justify “why Skugal”?

Cloud-based data storage for assured security and safety

Skugal uses cloud-based storage to ensure enhanced data security and data safety with real-time data access. Skugal stores everything in one place, available anywhere by any device. No need to maintain costly infrastructure or servers as Skugal uses Cloud based storage.

Real-time Data processing

Skugal provides secure access to real-time data and tools like real-time bus and location tracking and notifications make it one of the finest School ERP. These features are integrated and enabled using smart technologies. Data is processed and can be accessed by everyone and notifications are sent on a real-time basis making the process smooth and keeping the stakeholders informed.

Artificial Intelligence

Skugal is powered with AI technology used in unique iTracking, iNotify, iManage, iPayment, iClass, and iAttendance features. Artificial intelligence is applied to take instant attendance while recording the attendance through smartphone click and analyze the behavior and emotions of students to make Skugal distinct and class apart.

Anywhere access right from your palm-

Anywhere anytime access to school and student's information on the go from any device. Skugal is a web and mobile-based application which features integrated data storage and access which helps management, teachers, and parents to access data from anywhere and anytime on the mobile app or any other device.

Help to Increase productivity

Skugal with its powerful and top-class features boost productivity in routine school operations and reduce the time and effort required to manage schools. This added value to enhance the learning environment and more focus on academics and student's activities.

Automation for smarter decisions

Skugal helps is an interactive application unifying different segments of the school including management, teachers, student, transport, admission, examination, fees, etc. This centralized system helps management to access, manage, and analyze data and well-informed decision-making. Skugal delivers scalability, customizations, and integrations to ensure that the schools are managed with the most advanced competencies.

Skugal is a combination of Speed, Excellence and Intelligence simplifying the school management and education delivery and cut down the administrative costs. Skugal is a Complete package and multipurpose school management software that, every school dreams to have.

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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