Attendance Management system

Manage attendance of the students in a single click.

iATTENDANCE - Just Click and Done

Gone are the days, when taking the attendance was like a time taking responsibility for the teacher.

Every morning, teachers spend their quality time in recording and maintain attendance.iAttendance by Skugal has transformed the entire process upside down. iAttendance is a single Click smart and intelligent feature powered by AI.

What makes our Attendance Management System
stand out?

Explore the various features of our attendance management system.

Automated feature supporting

iAttendance is a fully automated feature supporting a fast and correct attendance record management under different types and classification. This also enables complete visibility to the parents for the attendance of their wards.

Efficient and Effortless

This entire ERP system is designed and focussed to provide efficient and effortless school management and making life easy for school management, teachers, parents and support staff.

Admin Activities

This feature-packed Attendance Management System helps in several admin activities e.g. imposing fines for absenteeism / late comings or determining eligibility to sit in the examination.

Artificial intelligence and
virtual reality

“Skugal is a Cloud-based School ERP system integrated with new-age technologies like Artificial intelligence and virtual reality.”

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