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Attendance Management system

Manage your students' presence and absence in the class on the convenience of a single click.

Skugal Attendance- Tap and go

Don't waste another minute of your lecture by practicing the regular way of calling roll numbers.

Skugal Attendance has transformed the way we initiate a class. It offers a single click smart and intelligent feature powered by AI that prepares your system automatically for roll calls.

Admin's helping hand

This feature helps in various admin activities viz. imposing fines/ negative reinforcement for late comers or determining the eligibility to appear for the examination

Integration of Artificial Intelligence

Skugal has been integrating the next gen technology to keep the schools up to date.

Admin Activities

This feature-packed Attendance Management System helps in several admin activities e.g. imposing fines for absenteeism / late comings or determining eligibility to sit in the examination.

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality

“Skugal is a Cloud-based School ERP system integrated with new-age technologies like Artificial intelligence and virtual reality.”

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50+ integration that makes your day-to-day workflow smooth and efficient.


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