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Skugal Test

Sometimes, students miss out on giving tests due to various reasons such as being sick, being out of station or simply because they didn’t prepare for the test.

In that case, parents are also unaware of these tests if the child doesn’t inform them and skips school on that particular day. Using iClass, teachers can provide test series to parents so that parents are informed and can provide these test series to their child so that they can practice at home.

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Skugal Test Features

There are various other features of Test which are listed below.

Test series

Provide test series

Teachers can provide study material such as test series so that parents can use them to help their child progress well in class.

pdf file

Upload .PDF files.

Teachers can provide study material as PDF documents to the students.

docs file

Upload .Doc files

Documents (.doc .docx .odt etc.) can also be uploaded by the teacher to provide study material.


Upload Photos

Teachers can also upload images of the test series or study material to provide it to students.


Provide URLs

If the test series and study material is online, teachers can share website URLs with the parents as well.


Send notifications

Whenever a test series or study material is uploaded by a teacher, parents get notified on their app or they receive an SMS with a URL link to the study material or test series.


Skugal Test features

This feature helps teachers and parents stay connected. It establishes a mode of communication between parents and teachers. With the help of iClass, teachers can make sure they can communicate with parents and provide them insights about the performance of their child in class so that parents can try to help their child at home and become a better student overall.

Teachers can find it much easier to contact parents and don’t need to wait for the next Parent-Teacher Meeting to relay any important information about a student. Skugal understood that a link between parents and teachers is really important since a student’s growth is not limited to the classroom or their home but a continuous process at both these places and hence came up with this feature to help parents and teachers.

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