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Automating your regular school management operations with our effective cloud based ERP for smooth and efficient functioning.

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Cloud-Based School  ERP

Skugal ERPA powerful and comprehensive solution for your management needs.

Enhance your regular school management system with a series of AI enabled tools

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Cloud basesd ERP with Data privacy

Begin your management journey with Skugal ERP.

School management system to make the flow of the processes

Skugal comes up with its most attractive product i.e, Skugal ERP. To start with skugal ERP, follow these steps one after another.

Enabling the benefits of artificial intelligence

Empowering the entire cloud based interface with the strength of artificial intelligence.

Cloud basesd ERP with Data privacy

ERP manages all the activities of School

Live Tracking of Driver

Live Tracking of Driver, Routes can be managed by Admin and Driver as well by using Skugal Driver's App.

Parents can track their children

Parents can track their children's activity in real-time by having Skugal Parent's App.

Cloud basesd ERP with Data privacy

Integrating Security Mannuals

Cloud Security Modules

The entire system is powered by cloud and AI which makes it a secure interface.

Data Security

The database of the users is processed with tools that negates any breach of data.

Cloud basesd ERP with Data privacy

Streamlining of your school management operations

Financial Management

Undergoing a direct channel established for the safety of transactions.

Class Management

host your lectures in order to provide intuitive insights and implement effective educational tools.

Experience the dynamics of technology with Skugal

World's number one School Management System

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