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Skugal Holiday

Sometimes, a student has to skip school for some important family event or some other reason and only ends up going to school because the student had to submit an assignment to a particular teacher. They go to school only to find out the teacher is absent. There can also be instances on certain days when it is unclear whether the school stays open or stays closed.

If the decision is taken too late, a lot of students can miss out on knowing and can end up coming to school on a holiday or take a leave on a day the school was open. All this complication can be avoided using Holiday option of iClass that comes with a variety of features that are listed below.

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Skugal Holiday Features

There are various other features of Holiday which are listed below


Upcoming holidays

Teachers can inform parents about upcoming holidays when school would be closed


Create Schedule

Teachers can create a schedule about their class to create an organized structure that defines how the teacher plans to prepare students for the exams.


Schedule Assignments

Teachers can assign extra homework to complete in holidays by scheduling it in advance with a submission date so that parents and students are informed about it.


No need to call

If you’re not feeling well and don’t have the strength to call it in, announce your leave in seconds through the app.


Inform about leaves taken

A teacher can inform school and parents of a class if they’re planning on take a leave from work.


Skugal Holiday features

With Holiday feature, Skugal has tried to make it much easier for a teacher to announce holidays and give some additional work to students to complete over holidays so that they continue to practice and learn.

It also helps a school keep track of absence of a teacher and easier for them to place a substitute teacher in a class on time. A teacher can also find it extremely simple to inform parents that the school would be open or closed on certain days so that parents can plan their holidays and act accordingly.

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