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A feature acting as a helping hand for the educators.

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What Makes us stand out?

Improvising your regular ways of allotting and defining the post lecture work for students.

Friendly reminders

Post assigning a submission day, teachers could schedule reminders before the submission. These reminders could be created either regularly or uniform intervals before the final submission dates.

Accute Evaluation

The chances of human error is negated in the process of evaluating the assignments and are kept an accute check on. These scores are automatically included in the final results of the students.


This interface is an integration of multiple technologies and tools. These tools helps the interface to be compatible with all the devices while maintaining the responsiveness, flow and appearance of these platform entact.

Review & remarks

The teachers can add any constructive or valuable remarks as per the performance of the students. The students could add any query regarding the soltions of these assignments.

Why Skugal ?

With tools provided by the entire interface makes eases and defines the Skugal efforts that are important for an educational institutions.

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