Fee Management system

Manage Fees of the students and generate thier invoices.

SkuGal Fee Management System

Collection and management of fee is a critical task for the school to manage. Fee Management is an important task that a school needs to do regularly. Fee collection is a complex procedural structure for every student and every class is different.

The fee Management system is a module of the management system that deals with the detailed report of fee payment, late fee, duration of the fee paid.

What makes our Fee Management System
stand out?

Explore the various features of our Fee management system.

Integrated system

Skugal online fees management system is an integrated system that helps in sending notifications for dues, maintaining fee records, issue receipts and generate and maintain reports.

Highly adaptable

Skugal Fees Management system provides an automated, highly adaptable and comprehensive solution to automate fees scheduling, collection & reporting process for the schools with technological advancement.

Real-time Analytics

School administration has Instant access to real-time fees due, fees paid and payment details with customized reports & analytics.


Fee collection is dealt with finances. This advance technology-driven system makes fees collection error-free as there is a minimal manual intervention.

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