Skugal Fee Management System

Effectively managing your fee transactions from multiple sources.

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Integrated System

The fee management system is integrated with smart technologies allowing it to maintain real time and detailed records. The records are later converted into interpretable graphs automatically by the system in order to make it easy to read.

Automated Invoice Management

All the records regarding the invoice issues are managed. All these ledgers are classified and transferred to the concerned folders and departments, as per the user roles and then any actions that are to be taken are forecasted and worked upon.

Analytical Report Generation

Any piece of information collected is accumulated as per their nature and defined in the form of graphs in order to make the information easily interpretable. This information later could be used to take any major action.

User Friendly

The entire interface is easy to use and highly userfriendly. Despite the technical integrations the functionalities are easy to be worked upon and managable.

Why Skugal?

With tools provided by the entire interface makes eases and defines the Skugal efforts that are important for an educational institutions.

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