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Parent feature

Real time notification

In order to maintain the quality of our education management system, we provide real time notifications to our parents. This helps them stay upto date and maintain the performance of their child by focusing on working on the feedbacks provided by the teachers on a regular basis.

Parent feature

Transportation Tracking

Parents are usually concerned about the location of their child, therefore to reduce the intensity of curiosity, we provide them with live tracking system. This system is trained to track the current location of the students through the transportation medium provided by the educational institutions.

Parent feature

Fee Management

Chances of frauds are negated through a direct channel. We have managed to established a transaction maanagement system which allows the parents to keep a track of the tentative fee payment dates, to maintain uniformity, and provides a secure channel through which they can initiate fee payments.

Parent feature

Activities management

Now to keep the parents more engaged in the life of their child, we have managed to add multiple social media verticles through which they could ascertain the activities undertaken by their children. From adding real project stories to updating their achievements, parents can now provide important insights.

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