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Transport Management system

Helping the administration to keep a detailed record of the transportation facilities of their institution.

A complete transportation module

A customized solution to manage all the information related to your transportation needs.

A transport management system which is solely designed to manage a range of transportation services offered by the educational institutions. From managing bus routes & bus timings to cking bus locations,despite being the most affordable option this management system looks into every aspect.

What makes us stand out?

Establishig a virtual communication medium between the parents, educational institution and the running vehicle.

Location Tracking System

Now track the real time location of the students at the ease of your your mobile screens. The benefit of skugal transportation management system is that the schools don't have to incur any extra cost in order to integrate a GPS system.

Real Time Notification

The parents are informed of the location of their child in real time through the extensive integrated technologies. This cloud based interface enables the schools to keep the parents updated about the location of their child.

Improved Route handling

The interface helps the schools to find the fastest and the most economical route in order to reach a specific location. This helps in reducing the generic cost incurred by the schools on a regular basis.

Easy record search

Now the schools can keep track of verything, from man power assigned to total number of students in a bus with their personal details. These records are classified on the basis of guardian lists and presented to the parents.

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