Transport Management system

Manage driver and their correspoding routes of the school.

SkuGal Transport Management System

The innovative features are embedded to make life safe, smooth and stress-free for students, parents, and management.

The SkuGal ERP is facilitated with a Transport Management System which helps handle the transportation system and taking care of the student’s safety with efficiency and ease. This is a cloud-based system fortified with modern age technologies like Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time tracking of a school-bus and a student, to be in touch and updated with student's movement outside the premises. The use of intelligence with technology enables to track Movement of students and live locations without the use of GPS devices.

What makes our Transport Management System
stand out?

Explore the various features of our Transport management system.

Exact Scheduling

Notify the parents about the exact pick-up and drop. This ensures the availability of the parents and saves time.

No one left behind

This smart feature ensures the presence of all the students in dropping, those who availed the transport in morning pickup.

Improved Route handling

Schools can allocate buses on various routes in an efficient manner to make sure the even distribution of students with lesser travel time.

Real-time location tracking

One of the most amazing utility is to provide real-time tracking of transport movement without using the GPS device.

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