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There are many schools and colleges that still use the traditional methods of data maintenance by keeping old registers that might get lost. This can lead to loss of valuable school records and create inconsistency and could make all related records worthless. Not only the human errors, can loss of school data also occur regardless of any human intervention. Records kept in an old storage room could fall prey to rats or there could be accidents such as a fire that can instantly destroy all the files. So it’s extremely important to switch to a cloud-based management system so that schools and colleges can function seamlessly.

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Skugal Cloud based Features

Take a look at these features to better understand how cloud-based ERP can help an institution:


Cloud Based Management

With the help of cloud-based ERP, schools and colleges can manage their institutions anytime, anywhere.

data security

Data Security

Once your data is on the cloud, it can never be tampered with or get lost. If it’s on the cloud, it is as safe as it can possibly be.


Data Privacy

You can restrict or provide access to any information on the cloud so that data privacy remains intact.


Never lose any school records

All your data is backed up on cloud so that you never lose important school records.


Easy access

Easily access the data on cloud from any device.


Skugal Cloud based features

Skugal ERP is cloud-based and heavily uses Artificial Intelligence for its unique features that provide the school total control over transportation and management of teachers, drivers and students.The data gets backed up on online servers and since there are no physical records, they are not susceptible to accidents such as fires or get damaged by rodents. There are a variety of features that are facilitated by having our ERP on the cloud. The attendance record is saved safely on the cloud and is constantly updated in real-time. iTracking uses the cloud so that location keeps getting updated in every Skugal application therefore providing real-time location updates of the bus.

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