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Skugal iclass Management System

Students generally do keep missing a Test, Important Class, Parent-Teacher Meeting, etc., due to various reasons such as not feeling well, to go out for an unexpected vacation, or simply if they have not done the preparation.

How Skugal iClass Bridges the Gap between Teachers and Parents

The only way of communication between the parent and teachers is a student and sometimes they do not pass the message properly to get benefitted. Students may not inform their parents about the upcoming parent-teacher meeting or class tests if they do not perform well in academics.

And it leads to the communication gap between teachers and parents since parents could aware of it within the right time so that the ideal step could be taken to enhance their child's progress. It is not possible for teachers to make calls to parents every time. Moreover, it also gets annoying for parents to keep receiving a teacher’s call every time.

How Skugal iClass Helps

iClass is an ideal option in this context. Teachers and parents would not have relied on students to have communication.

Teachers can easily let parents know about the upcoming Tests, Exams, Curriculum Activities, Parent-Teacher meetings, etc. Moreover, parents would be able to share their feedback on every happening that results in better growth of a student.

To Have Better Communication In Between Teachers and Parents

Because of Skugal Test, it becomes easy for teachers and parents to stay connected easily and smoothly.

A teacher can easily share all about the performance of their kids. It helps parents to get to know how they are going to help their kids in the study so that better results could be fetched out.

To Have More Transparency

It brings more transparency indeed in between teachers and parents.

Teachers probably would not have to wait until the next parent-teachers meeting happen. With Skugal iClass, the teacher would be able to contact parents easily and fast.

Key Features of Skugal iClass

Skugal understands right from its core the importance of the bond between parents and teachers in the context of a student’s growth.

It does not only stagnant to the only classroom but also extends to their home. Skugal iClass’s features are dedicated to this continuous process. The prominent features of Skugal Test have been mentioned below such as:

Provide Test Series –

Study Material such as Test Series will be provided so that parents can help their child in study accordingly.

Upload PDF Files –

Teachers can add study material in the form of PDF documents to the students’ accounts.

Upload Doc files –

Teachers can assign homework/practice material made on a.Doc file without confronting any hassles.

Upload Photos –

Images having better sizes and resolutions could be added on the students’ accounts so that they can have a better understanding of the subject without being confused.

Provide URLs –

Teachers can also help students sharing the helpful URL dedicated to studying easily with students and parents both.

Send Notifications-

Parents will have a notification on their App or they might receive an SMS having URL Link of the uploaded study material or test series so that they can check everything thoroughly.

Skugal Class management is an easy interface providing smooth, efficient and organized management. Its powerful technology features enable better Class handling, save quality time, and stronger Student-teacher collaboration.

Thanks to the Skugal Class management system to increase productivity and momentum by automating the manual efforts increased accuracy in organizing the data. Skugal help the school focused on improved productivity.

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Most of the population lives without internet or they have not experienced the benefits of the internet, we want to connect all those young generation from the classrooms till they achieve their endeavours.

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