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What makes our iTracking stand out?

An affordable and economical solution to keep a track of your educational institution's vehicles.


Real Location tracker

Track the current locaion of your concerned vehicle. From stoppage to stoppage information to the route undertaken in order to reach a single destination is elaborated in this iTracking interface.


Affordable Solution

Implement one of the most affordable solution in your tracking system. The entire interface is powered by an algorithm that negates the need of GPS tracker, which usually results in being an added cost.


Complete Records

From records of students to the records of drivers assigned to a specific transport is reported. From their past records to their future course, every single aspect is mentioned in these records.


Economical route ascertainer

This iTracking feature enables you to find the most economical route for your transportation purpose. These routes are the shortest means to reach a destination while making sure the safety. .

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