Although the acronym ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning; in the context of this piece it may also be considered as an Educational Resources Programme – the same acronym ERP. While Distance Learning has been gaining in prevalence for over a decade; COVID has now made it an imperative for schools and every other sort of educational institution.

If education is to survive, with children unable to attend due to fears of infection, systems such as SaaS (Software as a Service) become absolutely vital. SaaS is a part of cloud computing, where a third-party hosts the applications for clients (schools) to operate. Such a system enables schools to hold Virtual Classrooms. .

SKUGAL is one of incubator of IIT Patna and Mr.Abhishek Gupta alumni Of NIT Rourkela who have put in a great deal of thought on every aspect of school teaching and associated needs and explored solutions and available alternatives to come up with an SaaS based on Cloud. With outstanding all round capability in matters relating to Teaching Content as well as Administration issues and Communication, plus its sheer ease of operation, it has to be reckoned as India’s best school ERP

Features, such as the ones listed below are just some indicators of why.

  • Cloud based ERP with Data Security – this ensures confidentiality. SKUGAL has worked extensively on designing guards that will not let intruders in.
  • Free for lifetime
  • Easy to setup; its Installation Process takes less than 30 minutes
  • Data Export Import - ease of handling huge amounts of data. The import aspect allows for immense content which may be categorized suitably while the export access is in communicating the extensive content that students may require, Relevant in-house back-ups can be provided.
  • Any time anywhere access.
  • Communication bridge between parents and school – in fact all stakeholders of the school may communicate with each other and even interact in Video Conferences
  • Online Fee Payment & Management – which includes backup of records
  • Bulk Result Auto Generation
  • Tracking.
  • Chat forum & Virtual classroom.
  • 24*7 support.
  • Making almost no demands on further acquisitions - your existing internet connections should be enough. The combination of such features should surely make it the ERP you need to implement for your school; ASAP!.


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