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Today technology has penetrated every walk of lives and even class management can be done by using an innovative technology solution. Classroom management is a day to day process that allows teachers to monitor and regulate the learning and direction of their classroom.

Aim of efficient classroom management is to keep students focused on learning while eliminating disruption from slowing the learning process. Classroom management software helps out in the formation of a class environment meant for an effective learning experience for students.

The class management system is an integral part of any school automation ERP system. This system is now become a necessity to be implemented by schools to increase classroom engagement, helping teachers in value addition towards academic activities, motivate students and improve student behavior and progress.

The system can also eliminate distractions, monitor classroom activities, enhance knowledge sharing and more with rich features and utilities. Out of many choosing the right classroom management system might be a challenging task but Skugal is a one-stop solution for requirements.

Skugal is a complete cloud-based school management software equipped with new-age technologies like AI and Virtual reality and designed to automate a school's disparate operations. Skugal ERP has a powerful online platform to bring parents, teachers, and students on a common interactive platform. To provide a deep, inspiring and compassionate,environment in which the student feels delighted, safe, secure and confident. Helping all students to be happy, confident and enthusiastic learners. To enable each child to reach their full potential by promoting self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment. It has a simple interface and all the important functions can be quickly accessed via an easy to use interface.

Skugal provides a comprehensive, robust solution to manage your classroom with plenty of useful features. Skugal offers a one-stop destination for student information, class administration, reporting, notifications, and more in one easy-to-use classroom management system. Skugal classroom management system helps to create the perfect active learning classroom, manage a class effectively with user-friendly features and tools. A teacher can view and track student information such as student attendance, report card, homework details, scheduling, discipline, tests, assignments, and contact information. Instructors can view and mark attendance of students with much ease. Easily track attendance records and respond to disruptions and problems. Get complete control over student discipline.

“Key features of Skugal Class Management system;”

  • Access student data. Easy maintenance of students records along with their attendance records, marks, and grades, fee details and feedback
  • Fast and Less Time-consuming process of fee collection.
  • Submit attendance easily. A very quick and easy AI feature to capture student's attendance with AI-powered features with just a click by a smartphone camera.
  • Easy assignment allocation. The teacher can send assignments files online to the students and students can submit them to their teacher once done.
  • Better Fee management, Class wise and students wise fee details can be maintained to keep a track of on-time fee deposits.
  • Helps to maintain Discipline & Conduct. The teacher can add special remarks and feedback as input for parents regarding student's conduct, behavior, and academic performance. Build a better bond between school and parents and transparency.
  • Role-based access to management and teachers. Anytime management can Edit and assign a new class to a teacher, making the administration task handy.
  • Points definition.
  • Create daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly fee collection reports and the school accounts.
  • A complete view of Total classes, teachers, and subjects in the dashboard along with details of students, marks and fees, etc at one place.
  • Fee Management System is user-friendly. Even no knowledge of accounts is required to create receipt online.
  • No manual records or calculations for a fee need to be kept

  • Skugal Class management is an easy interface providing smooth, efficient and organized management. Its powerful technology features enable better Class handling, save quality time, and stronger Student-teacher collaboration. Thanks to the Skugal Class management system to increase productivity and momentum by automating the manual efforts increased accuracy in organizing the data. Skugal help the school focused on improved productivity.

    Skugal Class Management System

    When it comes to managing a class of any school, there are many factors need to consider such as having attendance, updating students related information, assigning homework, adding feedbacks, assigning new teacher in case if a particular teacher is absent and so on.

    The fact cannot be ignored that class management in a school has never been easy.

    ERP Cloud Based Skugal Class Management

    Traditional ways are not enough to make it go smoothly. Skugal Class Management software makes it entirely more accessible and straightforward too.

    Since ERP is cloud-based as well as going with Artificial Intelligence, School will have complete transparency and management of teachers.

    All sorts of data are backed up on online servers, ensuring security. Moreover,cloud-based ERP makes it possible to have a real-time update.

    Key features Of Skugal Class Management

  • Enhancing students’ performance assigning them an assignment to practice at home.
  • Getting the ability to manage multiple classes along with having attendance, tests, giving assignments, creating a schedule, taking classes and so on without facing any hassles.
  • Students can also be managed individually imparting specific assignment.
  • Easy to maintain a student’s profile along with adding other relevant information right from attendance record, exam results, remark to feedback.
  • Teachers can add specific remark regarding students’ reviews and remark so that parents could have proper updates
  • School Management can smoothly go-ahead to assign new classes to any teacher using a drop-down list easily. If a teacher is absent, a new teacher can easily be assigned for that particular class checking out the instant “List Of Available Teachers.”
  • Since it comes up with a real-time feature, it becomes easy to update all sorts of changes. Many classes can be managed, going with Skugal Class Management.

  • Fee Amount update feature allows updating the fee amount for any class.

  • Skugal ERP is cloud-based so that you would not have to worry about data security. Moreover, associated people could easily access all sort of updated information in real-time.

    Advantages Of Using Skugal Class Management

  • First, this app has been designed, adding an easy-to-understand interface.
  • It saves a lot of time of schools and teachers.
  • A school can efficiently function, systematically handling everything.
  • Moreover, the school would be able to assign a new class to any teachers by giving them access to that class.
  • Skugal Class Management is an ideal option to go with since it comes up with incredible features making Class Management easy, smooth and fast.

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