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Class Management system

One of the Best Cloud Based Class Management System for Education Institutions powered by Artificial intelligence.

A time and cost saving solution for your class

Simplifying your regular class management operations.

Digitalizing your regular management functions and providing an effective learning environment for the students. Track the performance of each student in real time and provide beneficial feedback. Find multiple collaborative tools in order to broadcast your messages and support learning.

What makes us stand out?

Acting as a resourceful and effective medium of management for Remove The educators.

Coaching Portal

Get a well-established tuition portal where teachers could host interactive sessions with the help of virtual and augmented reality. These are effective and are said to be highly reciprocative in nature on behalf of the students.

Exam assessment

Get an automated evaluation and exam assessments post they are conducted. Releasing educators from the stress of going through the examination sheets while automating the entire process.

Digital Attendance

Rather than spending another minute on the manual roll calling process practice an automatized version of calling out for attendance. Now manage your attendance through a digital medium.

Affordable Solution

The entire interface is powered by the next-gen technology and is highly functional in nature, despite these extensive integrations it is one of the most economical solutions in the education industry.

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50+ integration that makes your day-to-day workflow smooth and efficient.


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