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Skugal 101 Reasons

101 Reasons Why You Choose Skugal School Management Software

Cloud Based ERP powerd by AI

Stay protected, stay updated with cloud-based management. The Ultimate ERP spearheaded by ever-evolving AI.


Mobile Friendly

Skugal Serves the best Mobile Friendly ERP to the school and institutions.

Best user experience, Mobile, web , Desktop

Easy to Understand, Manage and Operate, look and feel without any instructions.

Interactive UI

Skugal Driver. Skugal Parent. Skugal Teacher. Skugal ERP. Four wheels in perfect synchronisation to keep your school running fast and smooth.

Real Time Data Processing

All the data, every result, every piece of information gets constantly evaluated, processed and delivered in real time.


Online data Entry

Parent, Teacher, Driver , Student data all managed by skugal online.

Multi user roles

One user, many roles. Many users, same role. Many users, different roles. Wide range of options available for optimum school management.

Design your Own result

Customize the design of school’s examination result card according to the theme of your school and personalize it however you wish to.

Design your own certificate

School certificates are customized to give a personal touch and look exactly how you want them to.

Fee Collection quarterly Statistics

Receive quarterly statistics on fee for accurate analysis for more transparency in fee management.

Data Privacy

You can trust us. For reliability and security, we ensure no one other than you has access to your data.

Whatsapp integration

Every news, every update right on your mobile. Always stay connected and informed through our messaging platform.

Message alert

We’re not going to let Internet get in the way of education and progress. Receive alerts and updates via SMS on smaller phones that don’t support Internet.

App notification

Smart notifications on smart phones for a smarter future in education. Instant notifications sent straight to your smart phone.

Upgradation everymonth

Skugal is ever-changing and ever-evolving. Our constant efforts make sure each of our products keeps progressing, adapting and becomes better than it was yesterday.

Market Place

School bags, water bottles, notebooks, stationery, you name it. Skugal Marketplace has all the needs of a student covered.

Attendance in 30 sec

Things you can do in a second: blink, breathe, take attendance. That’s right. With Skugal, all it takes is a second to mark attendance using Skugal Teacher.

Big Data Management

Large no. of data capturing and managing in a defined way.

Data Visualization

Data in its raw form can be a bit too dull to analyse. For easier analysis, Skugal presents data using appropriate formats like charts, bar graph and much more.

Timetable module

One single click to generate exam result of each and every student in your school. Yep, it’s just that easy.

Online receipt Generation

Pay fees online, get invoice instantly. Skugal keeps it hassle-free, trustworthy and transparent.

Online fee collection

Skugal lets you collect fee online from parents to make it easier than ever for management to handle fee collection.

Exam management

Manage examinations, generate admit cards, automatic marks entry, provide timetable. Do it all online straight from your Skugal ERP.

Admission status via QR code

Make it easier than ever for parents to see admission status of their child. As easy as scanning a QR code.

Inventory Management

Handling inventory can make one break a sweat. Skugal can promise the management won’t when using Skugal to manage inventory.

Skugal Apps

Away from desktop? Don’t worry. Download Skugal and pick up from exactly where you left.

Live Tracking

Every parent entrusts a school with the responsibility of keeping their child safe. With Skugal, parents can track the location of their child.

Online Assignment

School’s closed, it’s a Sunday or there’s a global pandemic taking place. Send circulars and give assignments online.


Angular Expertise

Advanced technology has been used to develop interactive Skugal Apps.

Online Test

It’s exam day. Students pile up in numbers and school has to make the arrangements. Avoid all that and save time and money by conducting exams online.

Competitive Pricing

Cutting-edge features, top-notch customer services and so much more at the best price in the market.


All the important children activities notifications sent to parents so that they can feel more involved in the school life of their child.

Accessible Anywhere

At home, at work, at the supermarket, wherever you are, you can always stay connected to Skugal and login to the dashboard whenever you wish to.


Document Storage

Every file is safe and secure on the cloud with backup so that you never lose any important file.Every file is safe and secure on the cloud with backup so that you never lose any important file.

Free Demo

Skugal sounds interesting? Want to have a test run? Sign up for a demo today!


Attendance record

Automatic attendance management of students from marking attendance to keeping their attendance record. Skugal providing you one less thing to worry about.

Monitor Student Performance

Keep a record on the progress of each and every student in your school to see exactly how they’re improving and how parents, teachers and school can help the student do better.

Live Update to Parent

Send real-time notifications to parents about news, activities regarding their child, school events, important news and tracking information.

Parent-Teacher Live chat

Facilitate live chat between parents and teachers so that parents don’t have to wait for the next PTM. Also, it gives teachers better opportunities to solve problems as soon as they occur. It’s a win-win!

Online Courses

School’s closed but there’s work to be done and courses to complete. No worries, Skugal allows teachers to conduct classes online and provide study material online.

Interactive Videos

With so many features at disposal, Skugal ensures there’s a proper tutorial for each of them by providing interactive videos with easy to understand steps to guide you.

24*7 support

A technical difficulty for the management or a feature parents can’t understand how to use. Whatever the problem, Skugal provides the solution 24/7!


Firebase Storage

Lost important data? Skugal has you covered. Everything is backed up on the cloud so that you can recover lost information.


Everything that you work on gets uploaded on the cloud and is constantly updated. Everything that is stored on the cloud is safe and secure so you never have to worry about losing information.

Smart Teacher work

Skugal is a smart ERP that provides its features for a better school with smarter teachers. Using Skugal, teachers can employ various techniques to provide the best learning experience to students.

In house chat box

Any update that has to be sent immediately can be sent straight to the mobile of a parent by using chat feature of Skugal.

Web-Based Management

Everything’s online. Skugal’s dashboard with full features is on the web based application to provide easier access.

Custom Website

Skugal lets you create your own personal and customized website for your school so that all the necessary information, updates and school event can be provided there for parents and students.


Attractive icons

Powerful features of Skugal are complimented by the beautiful interface and icons that surround it when you’re using any Skugal application so that work doesn’t look dull but pleasing to the eye.


Student Remarks

Students also have the ability to give remarks about a teacher which is a crucial source of feedback for any school. Skugal makes it easier than ever to make that happen.


Online scheduler

Create the hectic and complicated exam schedule online with ease using Skugal save a lot of time.


Accept Different Document Format

Skugal supports wide range of formats when uploading a document such .doc, .docx, .pdf and others so that it is convenient for the parents to upload any document.


Tracking Without GPS

Installing GPS on a school bus requires money and constant maintenance. With Skugal, you can track the bus without installing any sort of GPS device.



Keep a track of what’s next with Skugal’s calendar feature so that you can always plan ahead.


Online Quiz

Learning is an ongoing process. With Skugal, students can take the extra step by taking online quizzes on Skugal Parent app.


Skugal News Access

Parents can also stay informed about the latest updates from Skugal so that they can make the best out of their Skugal Parent app.


Result Templates

Choose from a wide range of well-designed result templates available for your school.


Bonafide Certificate Templates

Skugal also lets you create your school’s unique bonafide certificate by choosing a template from a list of available choices.

Character Certificate Templates

Your school's very own personalized character certificate can be made in less than a minute using Skugal's templates.


Exam marks entry By dashboard and Mobile app

Enter marks obtained by students from the dashboard and mobile app easily using Skugal.


Auto Generated Results and Bulk Print

Get aggregated marks automatically and print results in bulk using Skugal.


Result Bulk Export in PDF

Export all the examination results in PDF form through Skugal.


Artificial Intelligence Powered Features

Skugal offers features that use Artificial Intelligence so that you get better, smarter and faster solutions.


Blockchain Based System

For best results and smoother operation of your inventory system, Skugal uses blockchain management.


Custom Dashboard

The Skugal dashboard has a dynamic theme that changes according to the time of the day so that it gives a fresher look when you login at different times of the day.


Manage Gallery

Store images from school events and extracurricular activities on Skugal to let parents explore and see their child engaging in them.


Parents Login

Skugal also offers a wide range of features to parents who can use Skugal on their mobile or log on to the web application.


Easily accessible APIs

Skugal also facilitates easy access to APIs for the Developers so that they can get more information and to allow customization and personalisation to the interface.


Data Upgradation

At any point when an account is upgraded, Skugal transfers current data to the new account with modifications as per the choice of a user.


Remote Access

Location does not matter. Wherever you are, you can log on to the Skugal Dashboard in a matter of seconds using a desktop, laptop or any smartphone.


Wikipedia Url Sharing

Teachers can send Wikipedia links to parents as sources for the students to help them with projects, studies and preparation for exams.


Easy installation

Skugal is pretty easy to install and set up in every device. All it takes is a few steps to set up on dashboard and use Skugal whenever you want from your smartphone.


Route Management

Skugal provides perfect route management for the school as it handles them the ability to create, assign, edit and delete routes.


Driver Management for School

School can find it extremely easy to manage the drivers that work for them by using Skugal to manage all their drivers.


Employee Management, Attendance and Salary Management

Using Skugal, the school management can handle staff management, overview attendance records and manage salaries of every employee.



With cloud-based ERP, Skugal provides the facility of RFID.


Events Management

Upcoming event notifications, guidelines, invitation, arrangements and so much more can be done using Skugal.


Admission Management

Examinations, assigning teachers, announcing results. All these tasks can be performed through Skugal.


Accounting Management

There are a lot of finances that a school has to take care of everyday. Skugal provides the best accounting management to make the job for the school so much easier.


Vehicle Management

All the school buses under the school can be managed from the dashboard and the route each has to follow can be created, assigned and deleted using Skugal.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality hasn’t been truly explored in education sector of India yet. Skugal is working on providing VR courses and integration of VR in education to introduce next-gen classrooms.


Data export in excel & PDF

All the data that you are working on Skugal can be exported on Microsoft Excel and as a PDF to provide easier data sharing and analysis.


Data import From excel

You can import data onto the Skugal dashboard from Microsoft Excel to continue working on it making Skugal a very data-friendly application.


Role Assignment

Assign different roles to those in management to give and restrict access to various features, giving you total control over school management.


Limited Access to Employees Assigned by Admin

Assign different roles to those in management to give and restrict access to various features, giving you total control over school management.


Daily Fee Collection Notification to Admin

The admin gets notified each day about fee collected, fee due and other related data to keep them updated and informed about school proceedings and to provide transperancy.


Personal Remarks for Students

Every student is unique and has their own learning curve. Teachers can give personal remarks on each student to their parent using Skugal to make learning better for everyone.


Personal Review for Students

Performance in class and exams reflect the progress of a student in schools. To add to that, Skugal offers teachers the ability to give a review on any student for the parents.


Rating According to the Performance of each Student

To reward students who excel and to indicate room for improvement in others, Skugal adds a rating feature for teachers so that they can give a rating on students based on their performance in school.


Leave Application by Parents to School

If a student will be out of town, sick or unavailable to attend school, parents no longer have to come all the way to the school to give the leave application. They can send it online to the class teacher or school.


Complain by Parents to Teachers and Admin

Feedback is vital for any institution. With Skugal, parents can send their complaints about an issue straight to the teacher or school from their homes for a faster, better and more convenient process.


Real time Notification

All the information across every application on any platform gets constantly updated and Skugal sends real-time notifications about each update.


Admit card Generation

With Skugal, schools can easily generate admit cards for upcoming examinations to be held making it easier for the school to make arrangements.


Bulk Export Of admit Card in PDF

Skugal lets the school management export the generated admit cards as a PDF in bulk so that they can send an email or get it printed for distribution.

Parent Teacher Driver And School Management all sync

Skugal Driver. Skugal Parent. Skugal Teacher. Skugal ERP. Four wheels in perfect synchronisation to keep your school running fast and smooth.


Multi device Data Sync, Offline to Online

Work from any device, anywhere. Even work when you’re offline. Changes would be made as soon as you’re online.


Agenda setting for parent teacher meeting and school management

Parent Teacher Meeting is crucial part of school proceedings. To make it happen, Skugal offers features that help set up the next meeting by informing parents and teachers.

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