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Event Management system

Manage all your upcoming events and holidays in simple steps through our refined Event Management System.

Skugal Event Management System.

A Cloud Based ERP software with inbuilt Event Management Feature

Our Event Management System provides Awareness regarding all the events taking place in the school campus. Event Management System can be managed by the All Event calendar, Any activity or event held at the school premises is notified to the parents through our alert notification feature. Events may be, any cultural events, some assessment exercise, Parents Teacher meetings, Examination schedule, and many more

What makes our Event Management System stand out?

Explore the various features of our Event management system

Easy Accessibility

Gone are the traditional ways of notifiying parents and keeping a check on the events. Use the most easily accessible Event Management system for your institution.

Manage Details

Under this user can manage various aspects like Event detail, the number of guests expected, and some parents expected, etc.

Pop up notification system

Find easy notification regarding and events being hosted.

Up to date Information

Up to date information sent to the parents regarding the activities happening around the school.

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