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What makes us stand out?

Enabling a highly engaging platform of learning.

Share Free e-Books

In order to promote the habbit of book reading and empowering the brains of the students, the interface comes with a list of course and fictional books.

Uploading Files

Now teachers can upload multiple folders at the same time. Books in .pdf format are also supported by the interface, scan and update any page, folder or an entire book.

Google books

The entire interface is supported by multiple tools and technologies. These technologies are helpful since they engage our users with multiple books available on their platform.

Multiple Document support

Skugal books supports files in all the formats. There is no cap in the format of the documents or file that are being uploaded. Students or teachers can upload any folder as per their convenience.

Why Skugal ?

With tools provided by the entire interface makes eases and defines the Skugal efforts that are important for an educational institutions.

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Go through our multiple other iClass features.


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