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Student Management System

Manage student of the school in a single click.

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Genius School ERP to achieve management simplicity.

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Student Management Software

Skugal a powerful and flexible cloud based School ERP gives 360-degree student management system starting from admission to pass-out Students are the valuable assets for the schools and every activity in the goes around students. A student management system helps a school manage student’s data, communications, and scheduling. Skugal student management systems are designed to serve all of a school’s student's management needs. Skugal is a cloud-based system providing specialized solutions target for student management, such as school applications or student behavior tracking through AI-enabled features. The requirements of schools are changing with the present dynamic educational scenario. In such a challenging and competitive situation, a proficient and expert student information system is the need of the hour.

A productive and valuable student management system provides successful leveraging of the best next-gen technology that helps the teachers and administrative staff to track all types of student-related data Skugal Automates student data including fee, attendance, schedule updates, payment reminders, and automatic scheduler, etc. The student Management system enables us to get complete access to the student's profiles. The system is capable enough to easily manage the fee, attendance, and other student’s related information. Also, parents can get a push notification about the payment, weekly schedule updates, payment reminders, and automatic scheduler. Skugal student's management system supports a robust teacher-parent engagement and interaction.

Student information system developed comes with state of the art technology and unique characteristics which help schools manage and engage the assets named students. Right from maintaining and updating student data proficiently to analyzing and creating reports, the student's management system is a technology boon for schools.

Here are some valued features of Skugal Students:

  • Cloud-based protected Student information storage
  • Easy to manage the entire software from anywhere with any device
  • Smart management of student's information throughout his lifecycle, from admission to pass out from the school.
  • Enrolment or registration management
  • Hassle-free Homework and exam management.
  • Interactive report generation
  • Tool-assisted scheduling and notifications. Scheduling is never this easy with Skugal schedule updates such as class management, seminar updates and much more
  • Easy follow up of payment or progress of a student etc
  • Fees and Attendance Tracking
  • Automatic Payment Reminders
  • A powerful and robust management of Students teachers data with easy modification and customization as per the requirement
  • Streamline and simplify everyday tasks and Improves communication
  • Skugal student's management system is tested and trusted solutions for the smooth and efficient functioning of the school. Skugal ERP provides reliable and error-free student information management solutions. Skugal developed a deep understanding of how the school works and what the precise requirements are with regard to student management. The student's module caters to the needs and demands of the administration as well as the students and their parents.

    Student management system by Skugal, created with the state of the art technology and blend of knowledge and expertise, eases the educational process by establishing a wider link between students, teachers, parents, and administration. The system understands that no two institutions work in the same manner and hence offer customized student data management software which is tailor-made to suit the specific needs of a particular school. Schools have been and will be a first and only priority which makes Skugal stand out.

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