Plan, Bridge & Execute

A lesson planner is a platform for the teachers by the teachers to help them bridge the gap between planning and executing their course handouts in a predefined time frame.

Our Features

Real Time statistics

Real Time Statistics

Get real time statistics as per the goals achieved in your lesson plan and get discrepancies reports as well in case there are any.

Multiple Device Presence

An interface available specifically for teachers to update and students to relate with their course handout and the flow of the program.

Time Table

Create a well established flow of your lectures, that deeply defines the time frame to complete a specific lecture.

Performance Management

Performance Management

Plan and qualify your teaching goals through effective lecture layout. Help your students with an effective lecture plan.

Virtual Textbook

Provide your students with an easily accessible coursebook that gives them a complete understanding of the subject and the flow of the class.

Assignment scheduling

Predefine your course assignments for the students. Give a well evaluated and planned home assignment to your class.

Multiple Device Presence

Capturing your screen

Our highly functional and latest technology stuffed dashboard, powered by AI, understand your teaching pattern and helps you plan your lectures in an effective way.

Fitting in your mobile screen

We decided to squeeze in the interface accordingly your mobile screen. Now access this smooth functioning dashboard on your smartphone.

Our Benefits

Providing a user friendly interface

Begin with a highly functioning and responsive interface and define the flow of your lectures section wise.

Predefined lecture hours

An interface that manages your lecture hours and helps you efficiently utilize them.

Interactive Technology

Follow technology that is easy to understand and be acted upon.

Effective time

Productively utilize your class hours by assigning stipulated, important & intuitive topics. Effectively manage your time with our innate technology.

Prescribed Topics

Now teachers don't have to waste extra time deciding what to tech since it is planned prior to the session.

Sufficient discussion time

Effective session planning helps the students as well since it gives them enough time for discussion as well.


This interface easy to access and it helps you inculcate all the essence of the lecture into the students.

Easy to access

The planner is easily available for the teachers and editable, in case any changes are to be made.

User friendly

The smooth functioning interface makes it user friendly and provides multiple solutions for a single query.

Prompt Processing

All your changes or updates are processed quickly since the responsiveness is high and the technology is highly interactive.


It is easy to make changes and updates to the platform.

AI integrated Interface

The interface is supported by AI technology and helps the users by drafting solutions.

Reduces workload of the Management

This platform helps the administration to define the flow of lectures in a stipulated time frame which is taken care of by the teachers.

Predetermined flow

The flow of the program is pre-determined hence not a lot of time has to be wasted on what & how to teach during the class hours.

Well presented performance statistics

Your stats are updated as per the goals achieved per day.

Why Choose

Course Marking

Mark your course effectively accordingly the importance of a certain topic and prioritize your leactures accordingly. !

Timely Assessments

Effective time distribution of a certain course helps the lecturers to focus on assessing the learnings of the students.!

Easily accessible

With a smooth functioning interface it is easily accessible and performs instant updates, if necessary. !

Planning & Execution

Plan the flow of your lecture prior to executing it and ascertain a highly intuitive session .!

Updated Flow

Curate and edit a flow of lecture easily and know how to deliver the most in a specific time span. !

Simplified lectures

Know the end goals of your lectures and define the value addictions prior to executing it for effective learning. !

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