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Our ERP Features

Our Core Features


  • Attendance in 30 seconds.
  • Online record of present/absent.
  • You can see the attendance record of each student get updated in real-time on the ERP dashboard.
  • iAttendance uses Artificial Intelligence to smartly and quickly take attendance of all the students in a matter of seconds.


  • Track your child anywhere/anytime.
  • Safety - Get Estimated Time to arrival.
  • Skugal tracks the live location of school buses without any need of additional hardware such as a GPS device being installed
  • View traffic option lets you view the real-time location of the school bus and how the traffic is on the route of any driver.

Admission Process

  • Track Online Admission Status.
  • Online record of present/absent.
  • Easy upload of student’s certificates and required documents.
  • Direct message to Parent's whtsapp Number abour Admission status.
  • Quick Response.
  • Customized reports generation to get statistics of student admission data.

Events and Holiday

  • Get Notified for Events
  • Get Notified for any Holidays.
  • Teachers can Create a schedule about their class to create an organized structure that defines how the teacher plans to prepare students for the exams

Fee Management

  • Get Parent Notified in Real Time about Fee.
  • Fee Receipt generation.
  • Payment History.
  • You can set transport pricing per kilometers or for each stop made in a route.
  • You can edit the fees of students in detail by assigning registration, admission, annual, tuition, development, books and examination fees and more.

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