Generating Your Identification Cards Immediately

Develop your students and employees identity card at the ease of your school management software. Print an identity card which matches with the theme of your institution and meets the basic identification criteria.

Know the Tool

This tool is specially designed for developing smart cards and identification cards. It helps you to curate a uniform yet innovative identity cards for your students and employees.

Core Features

Easily Created

Easy to create

The ID cards are easy to curate and could be allotted to huge nuber of lot in few steps



From our range of templates choose the one that best suits you or create your own template.

Incorporate Your Theme

Incorporates Your Theme

This feature helps you incorporate your theme with adequate technological assistance .

Create Feasible modules

Creates Feasible Moulds

You can create a single template that works as a mould for filing your students & employees details.

Multiple Template

Multiple Templates

There is a list of templates you can choose from and establish uniformity in your system.

Icard Details

Icard Details

A well defined frame to mention your students and employees detailes could be developed easily.

What makes us different from the traditional ID Card Generation System?

Mobile View

Multiple Device Access

This feature is supported on multiple interfaces and could be synced on all your devices while keeping your information secure.

Desktop View

Smooth functioning

No matter which device you access this feature from, it is supported by multiple access platforms. The interface is smooth functioning and easy to handle.

What are the value additions?

Smart Card Technology

Smart Card Technology

You can choose a specific type of identification card that will define the belongingness of a student or an employee to your institution over a period of time.

Fast & reliable directory

You don't have to maintain the directory of your student & employees any more.

Secure Data

The data used can be securely saved and the security is of utmost priority.

Multiple Usage

Multiple Usage

This tool could be used maintain detailed records of both the students and the employees as per the information that has to be mentioned on the card.

Designed for direct images

This tool helps you define a mould and the information could be switched easily.


The information presented could be reliable and worked on easily.

High Security Level

High Security Level

The information saved is kept a secret and not misrepresented. Since data is of high importance to your institution, we keep it safe in our repository which is easily accessible to the admin only.

Mutual Authentication

Two step authentication is followed for admin account before they could sign in.

Strong data encryption

The data is encrypted and is hard for anyone, except the admin, to retrieve it.

User Card Management System

User Card Management System

These identification card generation tool helps you maintain a chronological database for your institution. All the student identities are maintained profusely and managed properly.


The template could be customized as per the need of the institution.

Easy Identification.

It is easy for any person to identify the belongingness of the students and employees to the school.

Staying updated with technology

Staying updated with technology

We are constantly updating our interface with the dynamics of the technology. We update to keep you up-to-date.

Integrating new technology

We are looking forward to introducing you to multiple other integration and methods to use them .

Consistent innovation

To keep you up with the technology our team is working towards integrating multiple other profound innovations.

Why Us?

Multiple caption addition

Multiple caption addition

You can add multiple lines of information to the identification and change the names & information blanks accordingly.

Includes Institutions objects

Includes Institutions objects

You can add the logo, name, watermark picture, etc of your school to your card and enjoy the benefit of inculcating the essence of your school.

Employee Details

Employee Details

Information regarding the employee such as name, clood group, address, etc could be added in this tool automatically.

Students details

Students details

Information related to the students such as name, blood group, address, class, etc could be added in this tool automatically.

Double side action

Double side action

You are not confined to a specific side when it comes to content updation. You can choose both the sides as per the requirements of the information.

Instant curation

Instant curation

You don't have to wait for multiple days before you finalize your template. You can instantly begin with the adding information part.

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