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A guide to manage the arrival and departure of visitors over a period of time. This tool is constructed for helping the security of the institution to keep a check on the migration of visitors.

Know the Tool

This tool is a smartly constructed tool powered by AI technology. It helps keep a track of any migration of visitors across the security checks of the institution. It keeps a check on any movement around the institutions gate.

Core Features

safety enhancement

Safety Enhancement

Maintains the safety of the school since it keeps a check on the arrival and departure activities of any visitor.

user friendly

User Friendly

The interface is highly intuitive and was created to deliver secure solutions to the users.

time management

Time Management

This tool could be a high end example of time management since it reduces the pressure of register keeping.


Easy Inquiry

One can keep up with an enquiry since a readable record is kept over a period of time.


Established Infrastructure

This tool established a well functioning interface which is automated and could be used easily.


Instant Indexing

Gone are the days when you had to keep registers, through this tool any movement is followed immediately.

What makes us different from the traditional ID Card Generation System?

Visitors Management

This tool could be useful to track any migration of visitors. This helps in keeping detailed records which could be accessed easily whenever required.

Detail Maintenance

The records are maintained in real time which give you the benefit of bulk data maintenace. This data could be highly useful, as per the requirements.

What are the value additions?

instant documentation

Instant Documentation

Our tool could be used for instant documentation. This is highly useful when ascertaining the total arrival and departure of humans across the security gates of the institutions.

Fast & reliable directory

These directories are highly reliable and easy to access.

Secure Data

Your database is safe and secure for only specific roles can access it.

managing the visitors

Managing the Visitors

Keeps a track of all the migration across the borders of the institutions and makes sure to record every arrival or departure.

Arrival Documentation

Any Student's entry or exit is noted and is studied over a period of time.

Easy Indexing

This gatepass helps the institutions to manage the records.

enhance security

Enhances security

This feature helps you enhance the security of your institution for it keeps a check on every movement of outsiders.

Complete Record

The redords are easy to understand and helps the insttution share the student's info with their teacher.

Strong Data Encryption

No one but the people with the credentials can access the movement data.

user satisfaction

User Satisfaction level

It enhances the satisfaction level of the employees since it reduces the workload of maintaining ledgers.


The interface could be customized as per the requirement of the institutions.

Easy Identification

This tool has its added benefits which makes it identifiable.

stay updated

Staying Updated with Technology

We are constantly updating our interface with the dynamics of the technology. We update to keep you up-to-date.

Integrating new Technology

We are looking forward to introducing you to multiple other integration and methods to use them .

Consistent Innovation

To keep you up with the technology our team is working towards integrating multiple other profound innovations.

Why Us?

future perspective

Future perspective

This tool is an accumulation of multiple smart technologies and could be used by all the institutions in the near future.

easy management

Easy Management

You can easily manage the entire migration to and from your campus .

reduce pressure

Reduces Pressure

It helps reduce the work pressure from the employees by automating the entire directory process.

record keeping

Easy Record Keeping

It is easy to maintain the record and then use it whenever required at a ertain point of time.

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User Friendly Interface

The interface of the tool is userfriendly which makes it easy for the user to utilize its capabilities.

Time management

Time Management

The tool negates the need of book keeping and automatically manages the recording and sumarising of data.

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