Align Your User Roles

Know who can and cannot access to certain folders. Effectively manage the folders security and safety through assigning permissions to a certain set of people.

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Know the Tool

This tool is trained with a set of modules that help you select and grant permission to a certain set of users as per their role in the organization. This is highly useful in establishing security and reporting relationships in your institution.

Core Features

manage user access

Manages user access

Only specific people as per heir role can access to a certain nature of files and documents.

effective monitoring

Effective monitoring

The folders and documents are kept securely and safely to maintain the privacy. These documents are monitored regularly.

protect morganisation

Privacy & Security

This tool helps you protect your institution from any malpractices or piracy of data since the roles are assigned.

control user access

Controls user access

Not everyone is allowed to access a specific file. The user access is completely in control of this tool.



The admin can now keep a track of any movement of a specific piece of information through this feature and ascertain whom does that specific credential belong to.

correct security credentials

Authorised User Access

Every user has their own specific credentials which could be used for keeping a check of that user.

What makes us different from the regular User & Permission Management System?

Negates malicious practices

Any sort of perpetration which takes place in a traditional method could be worked on.

Limits the scope of private information

The roles are predefined and no one can access any file than those mentioned in the scope of their role.

What are the value additions?

managa user action

Manage User Access

You can define a specific role where the user can access files from.

States the defined role

All the users are having their defined roles.

Defines accountability

The tool helps estabish well defined reporting relationships.

stay updated

Defines information scope

The information that has to be share goes through a chain of command.

Predefined scope

The scope of the flow of information is determined

Information sharing

Any piece of information with a specific user could be shared easily.

visualizing flow

Visualizing the flow of information

The flow of a certain piece of information is pre determined and is followed effectively.


The scope is followed as per the heirarchy prescribed by the admin.

Information funnel

The piece of information is refined as per the requirement of the role.

limit user access

Limits User access

Not everyone can access a certain folder, the access in granted as per the scope of responsibility of a person.


The admin the customize certain settings as per the allotment of responsibilities.

Easy Identification

Post the allotment of roles it becomes easy for the institution to identify users.

pin protection

Pin protection technology

We are constantly updating our interface with the dynamics of the technology. We update to keep you up-to-date.

Integrating new technology

We are looking forward to introducing you to multiple other integration and methods to use them.

Consistent innovation

To keep you up with the technology our team is working towards integrating multiple other profound innovations.

Why Us?



The tool is helpful in enhancing the security of the interface and in the institution.

defined roles

Administrators role

The roles are predefines as per the user role in the institution.

flow of info

Specified flow of info

The chain of information is followed as per the responsibilities of the users.

effective monitoring

Effective Monitoring

You can monitor the movement of the files and folders and the user who has accessed it.

negating malicious

Insights of Threats

Since the roles are assigned you can negate the malicious practices.

controlled user access

Controlled user Access

Not everyone can access the the files and documents since user permissions are granted.

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