Skugal Virtual Reality Modules

Spacewalking through Skugal VR

Coming up with the best Virtual Reality Module Soon. Stay tuned for our latest course updates.

What makes us stand out?

Enabling walking in space through our Skugal Virtual reality modules.

Galaxy Wave

Experience the movements of stars and aesteroids in our galaxy and know about each star, planet and milkyway. At the ease of a confined space experience the movement of an entire galaxy.

Solar System

Know how the planets move around our sun. Experience life on a space station and study the existence of life on different planets through the medium of virtual reality.

Planet Earth

Study everything from the birth of the first atom, to human evolution and history of life and human life in a single aodule and witness various wars.

The big bang theory

The whole universe was in a hot state until the big bang, and that gave birth to life. Learn the starting of everything and look how life took place in different forms.

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