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Inculcating swift solution mechanism by introducing a query follow up system. This tool helps a raised query to find the right solution by reaching the right person.

Know the Tool

This tool is specially designed for query management. It can help you fix the right person for simiilar kind of a query. No matter the nature of query, swift solutions are just a swipe away.

Core Features

Real Time statistics

A helping Hand

Curates and ascertains the best solutions for a specific query by establishing a highly effective solution mechanism.

Real Time statistics

Defines the status

Keep a track of the status of your query and mark all the work pending . Understand the nature and scope of the query.

Real Time statistics

On-time solution

Keep a check on the processing and flow of the qury and sascertain the time taken to provide solution to a specific type.

Real Time statistics

Multiple device access

You can now claim and keep a check on the claimed query from any where since this interface is not specified to a single platform.

organized workflow

Organized workflow

This tool helps you establish accountability in your system which maintains an organized workkflow.

trend analysis

Trend Analysis

Get a in depth analysis of the nature of the query raised over a period of time and analyse the changing customer behavior.

What makes us different from the traditional way of query management?


Multiple Device Tracking System

This tool has an interface which is supported by immersive technology that allows it to be supportive of multiple devices.


Establishing Reporting System.

This tool is integrated with extensive management practices therefore it helps you to establish an accurate reporting cycle.

What are the value additions?


Build a healthy reputation!

Solving any discrepancies arising from your customers side leads to a healthy relationship.

Economical Solutions

Giving economical and easy solutions helps both the your customers and you.

Support team

Build a team and enhance the efficiency of your strategies over the course.

long term relation

Building long term relationships

Your moto should be building long term relationship with your clients and we help you achieve that.

Enhanced audience image

Helping your clients leads to enhancing your institutions image.

Easy Mode of Communication

This interface offers multiple source of communication which helps it to spectate every aspect.


Improving the customer loyalty

The customers are acutely inetersted in being treated well, hence when you provide them effective solutions they grow on the loyalty ladder.


This tool helps you heighten your resposiveness period.


This tool enhances your solution mechanism hence helps you give reliable solutions.


Empowering your team with automation

Reduce the chances of any human error by automating the entire prrocess and help your employees build an immersive solution program.

Introducing Latest Technology

Manage and introduce a new technology in your system.

Regular Training

Providing regular ttraining to your employees for better utilization of the interface, since we are constantly updating it.


Staying updated with technology

We are constantly updating our interface with the dynamics of the technology. We update to keep you up-to-date.

Integrating new technology

We are looking forward to introducing you to multiple other integration and methods to use them .

Consistent innovation

To keep you up with the technology our team is working twards integrating multiple other profound innovations.

Why Choose

Automated Tracking System

All the queries are saved in your system which makes it easy to track and response.

Minimizing Pressure

The roles are well defined which reduces the overall pressure from the management.

Reporting Relationships

This tool helps in finding and establishing a highly efficient reporting relationship.

Initiates Corrective Actions

The queries find the right person who provides the right solution in the defined time period.

Effective Solutions

Every query has a specific nature which when repeated could be solved immediately.

Instant Notification

Any query recieved or resolved is notified immediately as per the nature of the issue.

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