Never let your location and time get in your way to education.

Cloud basesd ERP with Data privacy

Cloud based ERP
with Data Security

We at Skugal understand your need for data security.

We have incorporated powerful security provisions for you, to ensure your data is safe and you also have a reliable data backup.

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fee management

Fee Management System

Get a highly functional and secure transaction portal through Skugal.

A feature that manages your transactions i.e. from complete number crunching to reciept generation.

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admission process

Admission Management System

Automating and simplifying your admission process through Skugal ERP

Enabling automation for granting anytime and anywhere access to students and parents.

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multi user roles

Multi- Functionality

Skugal delivers effective results through its multiple roles.

Skugal with its Cloud-Based ERP system aligns all the cruicial needs of the school, students and parents and offers customization and personalization accordingly the theme of the institutions.

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inventary management

Staff & Inventory Management

Know your staff.

From knowing the quality of lectures to helping them schedule classes, Skugal helps arrange it all.

No extra inventory management cost

Unlike the other inventory management system, Skugal doesn't require any extra added cost but benefits.

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effective communications

Establishing effective communication relationship

Skugal bridges the gap of communication between the institution and the enrolled parents

Skugal believes that a parent should be well aware of their child's performance, therefore we provide the school with an extensive communication technology.

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class management

Class Management

At Skugal, we believe that it is important for a student to grasp as much as possible in the class

Therefore, we provide an interactive and creative class environment by making extensive use of the technology.

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Virtual classroom

Anywhere and anytime presence

Education doesn't have to be stipulated to a classroom with four walls anymore. The software provides a virtual platform for conducting your classes.

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Result and Certificates

Customization and personalization is the key to ownership.

providing a personal touch to your operations has been our forte accordingly the theme of the school.

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skugal teachers

Skugal Teachers

Our Teachers help us a lot. Introducing Skugal Teacher to help them too.

SkuGal Teacher's App is a user-friendly app build to manage activities of all the students in a particular institute by their teachers.

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Live tracking

Track your childs where about now

we know you care for your childs where about, so we look forward to provide parents and the school with the live tracking technology of their children and students, respectively.

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Skugal Driver

Eliminating a parent’s concern while making a driver’s job hassle-free by Skugal Driver.

Skugal Driver is an impressive and intelligent online parent-driver communication channel.

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Skugal Parents

Why is child security and continuous academic update essential?

Eliminating a parent’s concern while making a driver’s job hassle-free by Skugal Driver.!

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skugal sms services

Skugal sms services

Skugal SMS services are reliable and guarantee 100% delivery of messages

Crucial updates shouldn’t wait for an internet connection.

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skugal  VR

Skugal VR

Virtual Reality in Skugal to feel things like Real World

Virtual Reality in Skugal to feel things like Real World

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Experience the dynamics of technology with Skugal

Experience the dynamics of technology with Skugal

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