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Alumni Event management

Keep a track of alumni activities on the Identify an event chair and/or a person to manage registration · Develop a project plan: audience, attendance goal, platform and new connections built. The Main Objective of Event Management Portal is to maintain communication between passed out students and students of university or college to know about each other’s current activities.

Invite Alumni

Using this feature, it is easy to access the contacts of the alumni, send them event invites Alumni can be invited to custom events that may be exclusive to only alumni students, or they can be invited to general events (Events created in the Event creation module) that include current employees and students in the institution as well. When sending out event invitations to alumni students, you can assign any of the current employees and students as coordinators and organisers for the event. When an invitation is sent, the alumni will receive an email with the event details.

Alumni organize

Meet informally with alums to obtain names The Alumni organizer is designed to help connect current students and employees of your institution with alumni by organising events to help build relationships and networking opportunities. Alumni will receive their invitations through email. They can then choose to accept or decline the invitations. When organising events, you can assign any of the current employees or students as coordinators and organisers for the event.

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