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Skugal technologies Delhi India -If education is to survive, with children unable to attend due to the reality of being infected by COVID-19 and further passing on infection, Distance Learning Technology assumes paramount importance.

Such technology has been around for more than a decade and gained in popularity. Despite much innovation they have not been able to compete with the effectiveness of brick-and-mortar classrooms which continued as the mainstay of the education process until COVID deemed otherwise.

But all is not lost and it can be said with justifiable pride that India is at the forefront of developing excellent techniques for imparting distance learning throughout the student community across the country.

While ERP is the acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning it can also be a relevant acronym for Educational Resources Programme (also ERP) using the same concepts and tools as the former. Basically, ERP hinges upon Cloud Computing – with its three components, primary of which is SaaS (Software as a Service).

SaaS is that part of cloud computing, where a third-party hosts applications on behalf of its clients.

The beauty is that SaaS does not require extensive hardware, which allows buyers to outsource most the IT handling required for troubleshooting and maintaining the software in-house. Also, most SaaS systems follow a subscription model, while on-premise software imposes upfront payment for purchase of a license

Applied to schools this would be a system that would enable them to hold Virtual Classrooms and conduct many administrative activities as well. The latest and quite apparently very effective such system are the online school ERP packages on offer from SKUGAL.

What makes it exciting is its extreme affordability (highly inexpensive) that is coupled to its extensive features and capabilities.

Taking barely 30 minutes to install, the installation of this online school ERP is easy – quite novice-friendly in fact. Once ready to go, it gives Anytime Anywhere access to those who have the necessary clearance. But at the same time, it is Cloud based ERP with tight Data Security and SKUGAL has worked extensively on designing guards that will not let in outsiders or intruders. Limits can be set for sections of the school community thereby ensuring confidentiality.

Its Data Export Import capability appears limitless – with unparalleled ease of handling huge amounts of data. The import aspect will allow for immense content to be collected or fed into the system and then categorized suitably as resources for teaching. The export part and the powerful tracking component will allow teachers to draw upon this teaching material quickly and communicate whatever amount is relevant to the connected students.

Although designed with the Cloud in mind, in-house back-ups can be provided It is also meant to be a Communication Bridge between parents and school – in fact all stakeholders of the school may communicate with each other and even interact in Video Conferences

Another built-in feature is the Online Fee Payment & Management one that keeps records in the Cloud. Through facial recognition it can mark attendance of students registered for the class. And Notification allows keeping track of the behavior and strengths and weakness of individual pupils.

At the end of the day however the vital function of this online school ERP is in its role of Chat forum & Virtual classroom for interaction between teacher and student.

And the icing on the cake is that it comes with 24*7 support.

SKUGAL was incubated at IIT Patna and is the brainchild of Abhishek Kumar Gupta. Together with Manmohan Gupta and Girish Mishra, they designed their product around artificial intelligence and real time data capability; after investing much effort and time to identify shortcomings in existing distance learning modules and develop solutions.

So, would it be wrong to say that the very future of education lies in such initiatives for online school ERP?


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