Skugal : India most advanced Online school management software

Amid Coronavirus outbreak, the world seems to be stopped and every type of transaction took a halt. This break has challenged the virtue of personal as well as the professional working environment. One of the primary service i.e. education seems to be affected badly. Every school or educational institute wants to continue teaching but lacking the supporting resources in terms of tools & technology. E-learning is not a new concept but now e-learning needs to be equipped with a virtual environment with 100% precision. Sharing the acronym ERP that stands for Enterprise Resource Planning – also ERP but more general and not specific to education alone.

It’s not like schools or educational institutes are not willing to move to the virtual platform but this COVID-19 outbreak also posed the financial threats. More and more schools are looking out for free online school software that can support the schools to achieve their academic goal through online virtual classes.

Understanding the need of the time and difficulties, SkuGal brings the most advanced AI-enabled and Cloud-based ERP free online school management software that is capable of offering viable choices for schools during this nationwide lockdown.

This online platform revitalizes schools to shift the classes from the physical environment to online in an implicit environment while fighting strongly with this pandemic together. SkuGal’s free online school management software offers a broad set of advantages over other existing options to deliver synchronous and seamless collaborative online learning.

With this, the aim of schools for instilling the learning and knowledge to the students and smoothing the other school management tasks becomes more convenient.

This online school management software offers the improvised pedagogy methods united with a well-developed evaluation plan, which helps the schools to serve the essential objective of enhancing academic programs and strengthen the school reputation.

As it is cloud-based so one can access the content whenever and wherever. In nutshell, the benefits of this free online school management software are

  • An environment-friendly and secure solution.
  • Reduced workload.
  • Cost-Effective
  • It can generate comprehensive reports.
  • Quicker and easier to implement
  • Offer accurate evaluations and results.

Having a robust learning system plays a significant role in helping in building a strong foundation of knowledge that makes it easy for the students’ to understand, comprehend, recall, determine, and think critically. Reach out to Skugal’s team for a demo and our team will be happy to help you with more information.


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