Skugal : 7 Key qualities your school administration software system should offer

How well is the admin of its school operation? How well can he interpret all the reports and how authentic are those reports? Do they have all the necessary details that the admin needs to keep a track of? These are questions regarding the authenticity of documents on the basis of which an administrator has to make decisions for the institutions. Having a well defined administrative system is of high importance when it comes to handling the operations of an educational institution.

From hosting classes to scheduling them to handling the transactions or looking into cost management of transportation, an admin has to study all the domains of an institution and establishing a system which leads to effective information is of high importance. Therefore, Skugal, a cloud based ERP solution providing company has established itself as an eminent helping hand for educational institutions. Not only have they been providing a definite operating system for the educational institutions but also looking into the functionalities of all the departments.

SKUGAL The company has defined the functionalities of departments and establishes a chain of command. Through its varied features the company has defined 7 key qualities that a school administration software should have. These key qualities are-
  • Attendance Management
  • Skugal offers a platform which is powered by AI. The teachers now don’t have to spend any extra time on the roll calling process. The team at the company has developed such a strong algorithm which has automated the entire attendance system and revolutionized the way classes were held. The system is capable of keeping a track of the presence of the students in the class.

  • Student Management
  • The entire system is highly powered by the latest tools which helps the management to keep a track on all the activities of the student. On the basis of multiple parameters viz, qualitative, quantitative and behavioural, the teachers can now understand the reason and outcome of certain stimulus on the group of people. This information is also transferred to the parents of the students.

  • Class Management
  • This feature keeps the check on the over all activities performed by a student in a classroom over a period of time. From managing the assignments to adding remarks on the examination performance of the students, this system looks into all the aspects of administration regarding the student behavior management in class. Teachers can schedule, host and evaluate the performance of a class at ease

  • Fee Management
  • This feature helps the educational institution to establish a direct channel for fee payment by the parents. These channels are highly secure and tend to ignore any extra cost that parents have to go through because of the third party involvement. This also enhances the regularity in payment by sending regular reminders to the parents.

  • Transport Management
  • Through this feature the administrator can now find the most economical and quick route for the transportation service provided to the students and the teachers. This helps the upper level management to understand and work on the cost management of the institution.

  • Inventory Management
  • Now, with the help of this feature, an institution's management keeps a track on the inflow, outflow and the inventory maintained over a course of time. Any surplus of deficit is notified in real time and worked upon instantly.

  • User & Permission
  • Now the admin of the organization can focus on the designated roles assigned to individuals as per the hierarchy and the permission to stand as a user for a specific set of resources. The entire power of roles assignment is with the admin of the institution.

    It is important for the entire administration system to be aware of the functions and operations taking place in every department of the institution. Skugal, with its extensive technology, has helped multiple institutions to bring in well defined system where each individual is assigned optimum resources as per their roles in hierarchy, which gives better idea to the administration system to tap any fluctuations in the functionalities or operations.


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