Skugal : Simplifying your admission process.

“Technology driven functions are the future of the world”

From irrigation to automatic vacuum cleaning dogs, we are moving towards a more advanced approach and enhanced standard of living. Despite the sealing of nations technology advancement was so evidently approached, that every household was now a classroom and a school operating at their disposal. From fee management to online classes, technology now has managed to spread its paws across multiple domains.

SKUGAL a cloud based school ERP solutions providing company, has tapped and understood the needs and requirements of this market. Despite the reluctance and cut throat competition the company came out as a hit in the market because of its extensive technology. The company uses the next gen technology which not only enables the educational institutions to operate in an optimal and enhanced way.

The company has enabled AI technology in their regular operating system offering, which initiates technology related solutions for every practice. Beyond the competition the platform operates and self learns multiple chores that are performed on a daily basis. The platform also provides cloud based solutions which ensures and maintains the privacy and documentation of the database. You are relieved from the fear of losing documents.

Irrespective of the roles people play in the entire schooling process of a student, Skugal has found a common ground where all the interested parties can have their own platform through which they could understand the non uniform reponses and indulgence.

Release your operations teams from the headache of attending hundreds of applications and shortlisting processes, simplify your admission process and provide righteous results on the basis of the caliber of the students & the criteria of the schools and educational institutions.


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