Skugal : Moving a step towards the future.

Every educational institution has to go through a well defined process of admission every year which is lengthy and a time consuming process. Despite the denials of these institutions, admission processing has been proven as one of the most time taking processes, since there could be multiple discrepancies amid the set standards and the actual performance. Contingencies like misplaced application forms, invalid claims, etc. How do we overcome these discrepancies?

SKUGAL , a cloud based school management system powered by AI technology provides schools and educational institutions with a fully functioning online student admission management software with QR code. This admission management system is designed to meet the operating requirements of an institution and helps them overcome any gaps that might be occurring in the admission process.

This admission management has multiple features like search and sort feature, a feature that helps you identify the total number of vacant seats in a class and alot students as per the vacancy only, hence leading to no extra enrollment. This admission management system alots seats as per the criteria set by the school and follows a stringent pattern, while making the processing of the admission application visible to the parents. In case of rejection or acceptance of an application the concerned parties are informed instantly.

This management system has the capability to display, process and maintain the entire admission process. With the integration of extensive technology not only did the company ease the course but also automated the entire process which helps the schools and other educational institutions focus on enhancing the knowledge of their students.

The sub platforms like-

  • Skugal Parents -
  • a platform designed for the parents, has a varied function and operational capabilities to keep an eye on the performance of their ward. This application enables the parents to understand, interpret and act accordingly to the performance of the student. They have access to all the media platforms, examination schedule, direct fee transactions, score cards, etc of the student. This helps them maintain and help students improve their curricular and non-curricular activities.

  • Skugal Driver-
  • A platform that implies and implores the transportation facilities of the school. They keep a trak of the driver's information and help parents track the real time location of their ward. Negating the use of GPS, this platform helps the schools to keep a detailed record of the students and driver in a specific transport.

  • Skugal ERP-
  • A compiled platform hosts online classes, fee management, scheduler, performance card, etc. This platform promotes quality education and provides most of the features for free. The multiple features has enabled an enhanced set of performance for the students by hosting interactive and effective online classes.

  • Skugal Teacher-
  • A platform built specifically for the teachers of the school. This helps the teachers to maintain schedules and host interactive sessions for the students. This enables and gives birth to enhanced class performance and results.

    Despite all the platforms, the entire hold of the privacy and role management lies with the admin of the school.

    The world is a small place and the sky's the limit. Therefore diversify your efforts and immediate your practices through an extraordinary school management software.


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