Skugal : Manage your events with Skugal Event Management system.

An educational institution is a sum of multiple operations. From administration to daily students activities, an institution has to go through multiple chores in a single day. Another task for these institutions is to keep a track of the events. It becomes impossible to understand and monitor each event while ensuring a smooth flow. It takes a completely different department which costs another fortune to the college. An institution's event isn’t just about hosting annual functions but there are multiple events that these institutions need to plan. These events may include planning holidays, institution fest, Parents teachers meetings, indoor activities, in house meetings, etc. In case of miscommunication through a single party in the system leads to a misleading result in the entire event. But what is the way out?

SKUGAL a cloud based ERP solution providing organization has availed its event management system at your disposal. The entire interface offered by skugal is powered by high tech and AI technology. With their event management system you can keep a track of all the events and stay updated on your upcoming holidays. Now you can manage and plan your events with a skugal event management system.

This event management system offers you multiple features like easy accessibility, pop up notification system, upcoming and previous month events, etc. These events are kept a track of, maintained a list of and reminded to the concerned party in real time and prior to the dates of the events.

The parents are regularly informed of any event occurring at the school premises, the students are informed about the opportunities and the administration can now easily keep a track of the entire flow of events while the concerned party keeps a track of the flow of the events and make sure they are running in the right order.

This event management system is so much different from other event management systems in the market. It offers a list of features for which the management doesn’t have to spend any extra cost over the course. They just have to look into the inputs, the system learns and copies the nature of the events and prepares reminders automatically. The technology used in the entire system is extensive.

This system is accepted by multiple institutions and trusted by the parents. Skugal has developed one of the most authentic and smooth functioning system which has helped multiple educational institutions in managing their regular chores.


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