Skugal : Introducing an automatic students data refining system.

Data management is a crucial part of any institution and when it comes to the institution hosting under the education sector, students' data plays an important role. Other than their personal database, various other records like their grades, leaves, attendance, etc is maintained. These records are highly useful in order to ascertain the future courses of the students in the field of academics, co curricular and personal growth schemes.

In order to keep a track of all of these records, reports and information, the educational institutions have to hire a number of manpower and still live with the contingency of losing these records.

SKUGAL“We wanted to build an application that reduces the chances of human errors and negates the extra cost incurred by the educational institutions” said the founder and the current CEO of Skugal technologies private limited.

Skugal is renowned as an ERP solution for the educational institution. With its extensive features like tracking each student's data with AI & Cloud based ERP, establishing a direct channel for transactions, etc has made it possible for every institution to integrate next gen technology in their regular operations.

Their offering like a Students management system has helped multiple institutions to introduce an automatic students data refining system for schools. This students management system has successfully established leveraging and high level engagement. Providing the data in realtime has helped the schools to plan and forecast their future course of actions and build up a more static environment.

These features have helped institutions in establishing concrete plans in order to enhance the functioning of operation whereas reduces the chances of human errors in the system. This helps to manage the database and automates the filtering process and decision making. It is also helpful in transferring the information to the administration or the decision maker, since the entire system builds up reports in real time.

This student management system is fully functional and is helpful for the management. Did you find yours yet?


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