Skugal : Introducing an AI powered attendance management system.

Attendance or roll calling process is a lengthy and time taking process. Not only does the process take alot of your time but also is another investment of time which does not have a fruitful utilization. Therefore to make the regular lectures of your school into interactive and effective sessions Skugal has introduced an attendance management system in its ERP solution which helps you initiate the process of attendance with machine learning.

SKUGAL“We wanted to create an ecosystem which integrated the human efforts with the technology. We were successful in building effective class solutions” said the owner of the company.

This software is also known as a face recognition software since the AI technology used allows the entire system to automate the process of attendance through the face recognition system inbuilt. This machine learning algorithm integrated in the system crops the features of a student and marks the attendance whenever the student is present in the class.

This management feature has been called the admins helping hand. With the integration of AI in the entire system, this system has offered multiple benefits to the teachers and students. There are multiple admin activities that are dependent on the attendance records, this system helps in providing these requirements.

By reducing the human efforts this system has helped multiple institutions in hosting effective classes and maintaining efficient records over a period of time. It has become for the institutions to accept the changes of the latest technology in order to keep up with the dynamics of the industry, therefore skugal has managed to provide effective solutions in order to provide effective solutions at an affordable price.


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