Skugal : Enhance your user privacy with Skugal.

It gets difficult for the admins of the educational institutions to understand the roles in the organization. They do not get a complete outlook of the hierarchy established and it gets difficult to establish an exact amount of resources in the system. But more than that it gets really tough for the admins to maintain the security of the files and documentation. So what is the way out?

To maintain a system where you can effectively ascertain the hierarchy, define the roles, allot resources and establish reporting relationships is known as a well defined management. But how do we go ahead with it? Skugal ERP, a renowned school management software helps you define the user and permission in your system. Now the admin can manage the user access of his employees.

SKUGAL Admin is attained with all the rights to add a user as an employee and allot his roles. As per the roles defined by the admin the resources are allotted automatically. Once this is done it becomes easy for the controller to give user access to the roles which he thinks should have the right to a specific set of information. These permissions are granted on the basis of user roles therefore this system also helps in the management of hierarchy in the system.

The controller admins the customized user roles which helps them to keep a check on the flow of information and establishes harmony in the system. You can now effectively manage your school operations at the ease of a school management system. Not only the administrator holds the string but has all the rights to give permission to resources to a specific user or set of users.

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