Skugal : Enabling a tracking system without a GPS device.

Parents nowadays want to be a part of their wards’ regular school life. But how can you help them? When the world gave your institutions a GPS DEVICE, IT WASN’T FEASIBLE FOR EVERY SCHOOL TO ADAPT THE TECHNOLOGY BECAUSE OF THE COST INVOLVED. Only because of the inefficiency of the schools the parents became more curious and ended up toiling around the school campus which became hard for the schools to manage and the parents to keep up with their work life and their personal life. So what made the schools turn into a fully efficient institution?

SKUGALa cloud based school ERP came up with its excellent transport management system. This system is equipped by the latest tools and technologies which makes it different from the other ERP solutions providers. The entire system is powered by AI which enables multiple functionalities which are also known as next gen technologies.

The extensive features offered by Skugal in its transport management system involves keeping a track of the drivers and the students per vehicle. The records are updated automatically. One of the most authentic and appreciated features offered by the management system is its Real time tracking system. This system keeps a track of the location of the vehicle in real time and keeps on updating the parents about their wards’ location. The point to notice here is that the schools don’t have to incur any extra cost in order to establish a GPS system, since this tracking system does not require a GPS device.

This Transport management system has multiple benefits like realtime notifications, improved routine handling, real time location tracking and maintenance of transportation records.

Despite its multiple benefits this transport management system is highly affordable and improves the way an educational institution functions. Now empower your educational institutions with a fully functional management system, skugal.


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