Skugal : Empowering your regular school management system.

“Living in an era of technological advancement imagining my classroom with just a simple chalk and board makes me want to sleep a little more every time my mother asks me to wake up in the morning.”

Says a student.

SKUGALThe regular teaching methods of schools are not only proving to be obsolete but also are not a choice of students anymore. After being exposed to gadgets and technologically advanced virtual reality environments, they surely are expecting more than just regular lectures from schools and educational institutions. Other than students, even the parents nowadays are updated with the latest technology and are looking forward to being engaged in their wards life, especially when it comes to schooling and studies.

But is a regular school operating system able to define any such smart feature or has automated the ordinary approach? Despite being reminded regularly finally post the pandemic 80% of the schools could adapt the online mode of education out which only 3.6% were able to meet the effective education standards and rest of them were still struggling in the web, irony of the statement is that these schools said that they weren’t able to provide effective education because of the internet.

But what did these 3.6% of schools have in advantage over the rest of the schools? That is one question this article is beating around. An effective school ERP, is what these schools were using. These ERP solutions are highly necessary today since they provide automation and effectiveness in your regular school management system.

But what made the rest of the schools and educational institutions not opt for these ERP solutions? Despite its advantages what are the most stated reasons that made these schools not choose this easy way out?

But what is the way out? Should the school continue on the path of inefficiency or hamper their treasuries?

Well a world class solution provider that emerged as a rising star under the veil of pandemic has managed to enable free education across the globe through its ERP solutions. Not only has the company been providing excellent ERP solutions at an affordable price but enabling automation across all the domains of the school.

The company took its first breath in the year 2019 and started functioning under the supervision of a team of technocrats who have had a motive for enabling automation in the education industry. Oblivious of the fact of what was coming ahead they kept on developing an interface which could automate the entire process from student management to inventory management.

As Utopian as it sounds, the company somehow managed to critically analyse the cost that a school incurs for navigating its transportation system. The company came up with an idea of real time transportation tracking without the integration of GPS devices. They took off the “un” out of “unpragmatic and made the impossible possible”

To reduce the load on the management they made the integration of the software a quick process and quick here means 25 minutes. The entire integration takes 25 minutes at maximum to spread its paws around the entire hierarchy and domain. The software is powered by AI and cloud based technology which helps the schools to keep a track of all the functioning at their premises.

From establishing a direct channel for fee submission to letting parents keep a track of their wards performance the software has managed to deliver excellent results at every possible platform.

It also came up with a new feature “iattendance” stating an intelligent attendance system which helps teachers to automate their roll calling process and utilize the about-to-be-wasted time into delivering effective lectures. The classrooms arranged by the software are said to be highly interactive and intuitive since it reduces the external noises.

As costly as these features soun, all these features come under the basic category and are free of cost. The main purpose of the company is to enable education for all and not make profit out of it specially in a situation like these.

We need more companies like Skugal in our country who not only empower the weakest sector of our economy but also enables the schools to run effectively and smoothly.


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