Skugal : Customizing report cards using Skugal’s Result Management System

“Evaluation process isn’t as lengthy as it used to be”

Evaluation process and result management was a time taking and lengthy process. It took away the time from the court of the students and was invested into something which wasn’t as important. Providing a student with the best mode of education is the school's priority. It has been noticed in a study that when the teachers are prevented from any unnecessary pressure of the school chores and are provided the freedom to host classes, the classes proved to be more effective.

SKUGAL noticed this gap and implemented a fully functional result management system in its interface. Since the entire software management system provided by the company is cloud based and is powered by AI, it gives its offerings an edge over the rest of the ERP solutions providers in the market. The extensive technology integrated in the system helps the entire interface to automate the evaluation process. This helps teachers to focus on the course outline and not spend another hour on checking answer sheets.

Post queries raised by multiple educational institutions in order to bridge the gap between effective education and better result delivery by the students Skugal now customizes report cards. These report cards are generated keeping in mind the theme of the schools or educational institutions. They just have to select the best result template or customize it as per their requirements.

This result management system has features like automation of evaluation process, best customization of results, instant result generation, etc, which makes it ideal for schools and educational institutions. It offers multiple benefits like reducing the pioneer of human errors, customized themes, AI integrated interface, etc which helps in smooth result generation process.

In the current time when technology is taking over the regular chores an educational institution shall adapt it. For a step towards advancement will help their students adapt with the dynamics of technology and empower them to build a brighter future.


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