Skugal : A visitor management software that secures your school.

A school is made up of multiple pillars and one of those pillars is providing security to the students. Student security is a crucial part of an institution and keeping a regular check on this aspect is important. A bud always grows when it is secured by the veil of its plant, the same way a school nurtures and secures the identity of a student for lifetime. It is important to safeguard such an environment. But despite the multiple practices of the schools and educational institutions to safeguard their students, it becomes impossible to keep a track of the intruders and unnecessary parties visits.

SKUGAL The manual safety system or the traditional systems are going obsolete and inefficient to manage the regular security logs. There are often mismatches in the records, due to which the security of the school isn’t as stringent as it should be. So what is the way out? How can we overcome this difference?

Skugal, a cloud based ERP solution provider has managed to develop a visitor management software. This school ERP student gate pass is developed to meet all the inefficiencies in the traditional security enablers of education institutions. This system automates the visitor management and helps the schools security to look into the authenticity of the parties with regards to the operations of the school. Only specific parties, who are related to the operations of the school, are allowed to enter the school on the regular days and are kept a stringent record of.

This Students Gate Pass is user friendly in nature. The parents and the concerned parties, after prior appointment are the only ones who can make use of these passes. Because of the use of extensive technologies, this gate pass is easy to manage and enables instant indexing. This helps the school to keep a track of all the visitors and enhance the security aspects of the institution.

This visitors management system has helped multiple institutions over a period of time. It is one of the most preferred security engagement systems that has been introduced. Every school today is looking for a value addition well, skugals visitors management software has been turning out to be one of the most needed security instances.


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