Skugal : A lesson planning system for the teachers of your school

How well are your courses designed to meet the regular learning requirements of your students? A forty five minutes class is not enough for the students to grasp everything about the topic, neither will bouldering multiple topics at the students will help them to render effective education principles. So how do the teachers make it possible to render effective lectures while keeping in mind the time boundation?

SKUGAL presents its lesson planning system, this system is built specially to meet the needs of the teachers as per the requirements of the students. Here the teachers can describe each class classified lesson plan, their time ascertainment and time frame to meet the queries of the students. When students understand a concept clearly they come around certain doubts, these doubts are a stepping stone towards their learning of a specific subject. Therefore it is the professor duty to meet all the queries of the students, therefore this feature by the company specifies a time frame where students can discuss their queries.

This feature is a helping hand for the teachers as it specifically filters all the topics that a teacher needs to focus on during their lecture hours. It well defines the structure of the lecture and helps the students to take away the most from the lecture. This also helps the teachers to effectively plan their classes in terms of the course to be inculcated within the students. Well elaborated lectures lead to a better result of the students.

Skugal’s lesson planning system has multiple features like real time statistics, multiple device presence, Time tables, performance management, assignment schedules,etc. This lesson planning system for teachers offers multiple benefits like course marking, timely assessment, easy accessibility, updated flow and simplified lectures.

Lectures have now become highly important for the students because of the increasing competition in our daily life and to provide the students with an effective lecture plan is the task of the teachers. Therefore this lecture planner is becoming a part of teachers regular chores.


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