Skugal : 5 reasons why your institution should have a cloud based school ERP.

Cloud is considered one of the most eminent platforms where you can perform almost any activity. From storing folders to hosting softwares, cloud is said to be a versatile platform for all operations.

Skugal, a cloud based school ERP provider provides excellent ERP solutions to educational institutions all around the world. The company is known as one of the best software management company since they provide multiple features like attendance management, class management, Cloud based, Cost Effective, Easy installations, Feedback, iManage, iNotify, Parents, Push Notifications, Multi User Roles, No Data Entry, iTracking, iProfiling & Fee Management.

SKUGAL The company has been revolutionizing the way schools used to function and has explained 5 reasons why every institution should now have a Cloud Based School ERP. These five reasons are-
  • One Stop Solution
  • With the integration of cloud not only have we managed to overcome the discrepancies in the adaptation of technology but also managed to maintain an unfathomable database. The space to store these databases is unlimited which makes it easier for the institution to keep track of all the data in the institution.

  • Safety of operations
  • With the integration of cloud technology you get an enhanced safety and privacy terms. The cloud states and prohibits the activities of malpractices.

  • Real time backup
  • The entire database maintained by the management of the institution is backed up in real time. This reduces the chances of losing or piracy of data and establishes the safety terms.

  • Varied Features
  • Cloud has multiple benefits and when you have a system which has all these features integrated, you get benefits of those features. This helps in enhancing the performance and smooth operation

  • Enhance flow of work
  • Cloud has a reputation for enhanced functionality and its security features.Try Skugal’s Cloud based ERP today and give your management system an enhanced and AI enabled school management system.


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