Which States In India Uses Facial Recognition In Their Schools To Make A Secure Environment For Students

In 1960, the idea of Facial Recognition came into light by Captain James T Kirk and his crew. At that time, it used to considered science fiction but it turned out to be a reality over time. These days, it is being used for the safety purpose of students.

Schools In Chennai Using Facial Recognition -

Yes!!! Schools in Chennai are preferring this software to ensure the safety and security of students. Moreover, they are also finding it quite good to enhance the attendance rates indeed. All the students just need to walk through the corridor having installed a camera. They may walk in groups without having a pause for a moment while walking in front of the camera. All they require t ensure that their face has come within the camera’s frame while crossing it.

Is Facial Recognition Ethical –

It could be the most asked question among people. Experts say that facial recognition comes up with incredible potentials to help school authorities to make sure that everything is going smoothly in and around the school. In the US, schools have been installing facial recognition in the context of safety.

Yes! It is ethical since schools do find it quite useful and beneficial in the context of ensuring security.

Facial Recognition With Wide Concept-

Talking about overseas, it is being used in many countries already. After a school shooting in Parkland, Florida resulted in 17 people dead, they also started to go with Facial Recognition Technology indeed. Moreover, it has been done completely free around the US and Canada. It can help in order to detect strangers anywhere around their campus so that needed actions could be taken before letting the situation go worse.

Apart from schools, Facial Recognition is also being used for other purposes such as –

  • Public Safety.
  • Verifying the identity of bank users
  • To check moods of passers-by installing smart billboards having this technology
Skugal Introduces Facial Recognition Attendance Management Software

Skugal is a reputed name in this field introducing the new age School Management System considering all needs factors. Moreover, its Facial Recognition Attendance Management Software also ensures the safety and security of students. And who can forget the incident of murder of Pradyuman Thakur of Ryan International School inside School premises? After that School all across the country started thinking about security and surveillance in Schools. Now, Bihar, Delhi and UP State schools have also been preferring to go with this kind of highly advanced School Management Tools.

To put in simple words, Attendance Features of ERP makes possible for a school to easily view the attendance record of all the students in class in real-time. It would be easy to have complete monthly wise attendance detail so that the entire record can easily be managed. It means School will surely have complete control in a sophisticated way to call out fake attendance of students in case they are absent. With this Facial Recognition Attendance Management Software, it has become quite easy to have an accurate attendance record saving precious time and improving the efficiency of Students and teachers.


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