The Education Process Can Continue With The Use Of Skugal

The current global pandemic termed COVID 19 began in November 2019 in the Wuhan province of China. It was considered a mere flu back then but in time, China realized it’s a new deadly virus but by then it was too late as it spread like wildfire in China, then Italy, Spain and now the world’s most powerful country, USA.

The tally stands at 1,875,000+ of confirmed cases so far.

This pandemic has forced our countries hand as we are currently in lockdown to minimize the damage this pandemic is causing financially and to human lives. Every day the country is taking loss in millions but it is still continuing to spend to provide for the people, the essential goods and services to keep the food chain running and basic system of everyday life.

The situation the world is facing clearly points in the direction that without proper education, problems arise and without education, finding a solution to them is not easy.

Every industry, every business, every sector has been hit with this lockdown. There are no public gatherings and certainly no public place that is not banned except hospitals.

Which brings us to a sector that deals with the most important service, that is the service of education because it is education alone that fuels every other sector. The academic institutes are closed and hence, no classes are being provided.

Skugal has hence introduced Virtual Classroom. It lets your educational institute continue to teach students via online classroom features that includes video and audio conferencing. Features such as whiteboarding, attendance and class management makes the job much easier to do for teachers who can provide distant learning to the students.

With Skugal, the pending course and eventual examination both can be completed and taken respectively as the process will be completely online. Multiple classes can be taken at the same time by a school so that classes can be completed at a good pace during mornings and afternoons.

Skugal online classroom can also be used on the mobile or laptop by students and teachers giving far more compatibility and comfort to online classes. Teachers can use Skugal online classes to give assignments and get submissions online, mark students and so much more.

The process of education must go on and with Skugal, it really can.

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