Skugal lets you collect fee online from parents to make it easier than ever for management to handle fee collection
Skugal’s Fee Collection Methods and Advantages.

Skugal lets you collect fee online from parents to make it easier than ever for management to handle fee collection.

Paying fees is still not a simple process for parents in many schools despite the introduction of digital transactions. Right now, in many schools in India, parents have to make all the way to the school or the back to pay the fees of their children. This consumes a lot of time and issues like closing of banks on Sundays or issues from school’s end can further delay a process that can be done in a matter of seconds.

To overcome that, Skugal has introduced a way to pay fees online so that parents can easily pay fees on time right from their homes.

This also makes it easier for schools to manage fee collection and they can keep a track of the fees paid by parents by viewing invoices. This makes it easier for school owners to keep fee collection transparent.

Fee Receipt Generation.

Collect fees online, get the invoices instantly. Skugal keeps it hassle-free, trustworthy and transparent.

To overcome that, Skugal lets parents pay fees online and the fee collection gets automatically recorded in the database so that the process is transparent and any discrepancy in these records can easily be tracked to the source. It also provides a fool-proof way to eliminate false records. As soon as fee is collected, school owner can view invoices of all the students so that the process is trustworthy and transparent.

Create Exam Time Tables.

Do the complicated job of creating examination date-sheet easily by using Skugal.

Creating exam time tables is more complex process than it seems. There are several things to keep in mind such as preparation leaves, weekends, order of exams in relation to subjects and creating a balance of all these above reasons

Skugal provides all the tools necessary to create the exam time table for upcoming exams of your school. You can select dates, schedule the exams that are to be taken on a particular day, give preparation leaves or specify weekend holidays and create the timetable for all the classes in your school. With simple and user-friendly interface, creating exam time table can be done in a matter of minutes using Skugal.


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