How Skugal can help with education in remote areas with low-speed internet

India is a vast country with more than 500,000 villages. With an ever-growing population and becoming the youngest population in the world in 2020, with an average age of 29. So with all that in mind, with so much human resource at our disposal, it is of no surprise how crucial it is that the young generation gets the best education we can offer to them.

While the urban cities won’t have a problem facilitating that for the people, it’s the lack of similar resources available in rural areas or areas with low-speed internet that restrict educational advancements.

That is precisely why Skugal has taken extra care in developing the features available so that even in remote areas, the quality of education and the use of tools are not limited.

Here are some of the features available to those living in remote areas or having low-speed internet:

  • Send Circulars.
  • Using Skugal, the school can send circulars in various formats including pdf. This can help schools circulate important news and updates (such as updates about the current global pandemic Coronavirus, measures to take against it and news about school proceedings)

  • Give Assignments.
  • Teachers can give assignments to students and provide study material for students to practice from at home. They can also provide reviews and custom remarks on students.

    This can help those students who cannot come to school everyday because of other responsibilities they might have, something which is common in rural households. This way, no student has to completely neglect their education.

  • Group chat with parents to relay information.
  • Skugal also lets teachers communicate through chat with all the students and parents. This can help teachers inform parents directly about which books to send with their child, help them with problems, provide study material, inform them about syllabus, announce exam datesheets and so much more.

  • Online Exams.
  • Not only this, Skugal can also facilitate online exams that students can give right from the comfort of their homes. This is a great feature to have for any rural school as rural schools are often closed for many reasons and that brings a real instability and interruption in the education of students.

So, with the ability to conduct online exams, schools don’t have to worry about being closed on exam days. Not just that, this can also be used to conduct weekly or monthly or even daily tests to help students improve and learn better so that they’re ultimately prepared for their upcoming exams.

All in all, these features make Skugal stand apart from other school management systems as it provides all these amazing features to schools even in remote areas with low-speed internet.


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